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What's the difference between an average burger and a great one?


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Media Wordings. Neither customer's choice nor chef's !

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About $3.00.

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I don't know, great burgers just seem less average some how.

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An average burger is served by a high-schooler at McD's . A great one is served by a nice pair of boobs at the Hooters... I can't think of any other difference, and I don't look anywhere else...

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Size, juicyness and a great set of buns....and yes, I'm talking burgers here!

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A great one is better.

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Average burger- the one made for the masses

Great burger- the one I make at home particularly for my kids taste, with lots of love and attention.

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Well let's compare the "average" McDonald's burger with the ones I make at home: McDonald's burger - Flat, thin, grey-looking hamburger patty with too much fat and all the flavour of old shoes. Toppings are not customisable and generally not the freshest (lettuce is a little limp, tomato has lost all firmness, etc).

My burgers - Generous, lean ground beef burger, nicely browned with lots of flavour (onions, spices, a generous dash of black pepper). Toppings are fresh (lettuce is crispy, tomato is firm, pickles have a zing), and each family member's burger is different depending on what they like.

I can overlook the lousy hamburger patty in most burgers, but there's simply no excuse for limp ingredients and no customisation. Subway sandwiches manages to offer complete customisation with relatively little fuss, what's to stop other fast food place from offer healthier food at good prices?

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Mass produced, bland and full of crap = Regular burger.

Individually made with fresh ingredients and passion = Great burger.

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Spot on!

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the price

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Average burger is crappy Mc Donaldo.....great one is Freshness Burger...perhaps Burger King too!

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