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A cold one on a hot day. Followed by another.

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Anchor Steam beer from San Francisco, California USA.

Pity that the laws that protect Japan's many onsen prevent that country from making great ales, since ales require water with a very specific mineral content that only an onsen could provide.

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Call me a philistine but...Asahi Super Dry 500 mL cans. Three or four over the course of an evening works just fine.

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I'm an Oregonian, so I'm interested to see how the craft brewing industry continues to develop here. So far, I think Baird's Kurofune Porter has been my favorite.

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Bud Lite, Coors Lite, Newcastle Brown, Asahi.

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Japanese: Suntory Premium Malts Non-Japanese: Guinness, Spaten Optimator

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Baltika #7.

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Not a massive beer fan, but when i do drink one in Japan Premium Malts or Kirin. From elsewhere Guinness or Kronenburg 1664.

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sierra nevada pale ale

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Haven't got a favourite beer, don't drink beer, don't like the taste or the bubbles.

My favourite wine, on the other hand, is whatever's on the table.

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Cant pick a fav but will say I VASTLY prefer micro brewed stuff to the mass produced beer!

A good IPA, stout, porter etc

MIJ mass produced its either Premium Malts or Malts, then Kirin lager, Sapporo Black label, Ashi super dry is too much like US beer, low on taste

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Any icy cold beer on tap with a nice creamy head on top.

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Im a big Pale Ale fan. There are too many excellent US (specifically WA and OR) Pale Ales to mention. Likewise some good Pale Ales from my birth country (UK), specifically Twisted Thistle from Edinburgh. Here in NZ I have to say (amongst others) Tuatara APA.

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The first one of the Friday night happy hour. A cool stout with puts a good lining on the stomach and a cold Kingfisher with a Keema or Madras to finish the evening. I usually hit the Scotch if I'm obliged to drink with coworkers. It helps me to blot out the disappointment of wasting a perfectly good evening more quickly.

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So judging by all of the thumbs down for everyone's favorites above I guess we're all supposed to like the same beers! Really, grow up.

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I prefer Arrogant Bastard Ale because I am Worthy..... Can't remember what brewer makes it but it's delicious.... and I gave everyone a thumbs up because all of our opinions count....... I concur with USNinJapan2

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Session Black Lager brewed by Full Sail Brewing in Hood River, Oregon.

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Now that Yona-Yona is fairly easy to find, life in Japan has improved dramatically.

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The stuff that comes in cans or bottles. Or on tap.

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For something different, I really like the German "hefeweizen" beers.

Fruity with a beautiful taste of bananas and caramel (not kidding!).

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In Japan, I probably say Dragon Ale from Shinshu brewed by Vanryu http://www.japantimes.co.jp/community/2000/10/12/general/nagano-microbrewer-takes-eco-friendly-path/#.U7pRExYvd74

But there are so many good microbreweries in Japan, like the Akashi Brewery http://www.akashi-beer.com

But overall I probably would say a proper poured cold glass of Guinness.

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Ginger beer...

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For a reasonable priced beer that I can get in Japan.. I like Costco brand, Kirkland. I think it is 4,000 yen for 24 and you get 3 or 4 types.

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I prefer Arrogant Bastard Ale 

Oh yeah,I completely agree absolutely lovely, my all time favorite is duvel though. My daily beer is staporamen from Czech.

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Japan: Yebisu or Super Dry. Elsewhere: Estrella Galicia, VB.

One of the many good things about Japanese summers are cold beer and edamame. I could eat that every day.

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I like the Asahi Clear Fake beer. Excellent and cheap. Great after a surf session.

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Hoegaarden and Budlight Platinum.

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All my serious beer drinking friends prefer Yebisu or Kirin Classic. It is interesting to see don't like this "pale ale" at all.

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We normally drink Sierra Nevada products at home -- Pale Ale, Torpedo IPA -- and the seasonal ones: (Celebration, Ruthless Rye, Summerfest) There are so many good microbrews around it's hard to pick a favorite.

Three that come close are "Maudite" (from Quebec's Unibroue) and two from Belgium: Kwak and St. Bernardus abt.12.

I placed an order for -- and am looking forward to tasting -- the Argentine beer, Quilmes.

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Kirin's Megumi beer is nice but only available in Oz I think.

Hoegaarden is also refreshing.

Heartland on tap and Asahi's Jukusen on tap are nice too.

Some of the German Weizen (wheat) beers are nice as well.

As my list grows, the word 'alcoholic' springs to mind!

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I've had a Belgian beer called Westvletern a few times, and each time I've always been amazed at how good it is and I'd probably say that's the best beer I've ever had. The only problem: it costs like 3,000 yen a bottle in Japan and you can't find it anywhere.. The Belgian beer bar I usually drink it at only gets it once every few months or so.

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I would have to say Yona Yona, though I like Kuro Label as an everyday beer.

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Depends on the day/ my mood, however, recently, I like

Oettinger beers, they are a mid-level German beer taste-wise (=already way better than big label US or Jpns beers), and their price is somehow much cheaper than Jpns beers. Recently I find them in the big discount alcohol import stores, esp Yamaya.

Their "Naturally Cloudy Wheat beer" is the best, but pils and regular are also fine.

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I like a Blue Moon once in a blue moon. Great beer.

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Rolling Rock!

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Suiyoubi no Neko (Wednesday's Cat)...a wheat ale with the cutest, most appealing can art. Love opening my rezoku to see it staring back at me. Not a big beer drinker, but that one is nice, plus the micro beers others have mentioned. Major brewers: Ebisu in general. Winter's Tale in particular.

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