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What's your favorite convenience store brand in Japan and why?


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There are two 7/11s, two Family Marts, One Lawson's 100, and one Lawson's on the 8 minute walk between my home and the station. I prefer 7/11 for it's size and variety.

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7/11... They have my favourite "onigiri" and I can do my "banking" there at any time of the day or night ! (There are many other good things there too - but those are my two "main" reasons).

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Many 7/11s have cigarettes on the counter to encourage impulse purchases, which is repugnant, and the stores are often quite scruffy.

Lawson and Family Mart, with seating areas in some stores, are much more inviting.

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Many 7/11s have cigarettes on the counter to encourage impulse purchases, which is repugnant, and the stores are often quite scruffy.

every convenience store is selling cigarettes at the counter.

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7/11. Used to be Lawson's but they have really gone down in quality and lag behind 7/11 in getting things like coffee, doughnuts, etc. Most have them now, like them or not (I never eat doughnuts but love the coffee), but Lawson's only seems to get things in response, not through initiative. Also, 7/11 have ATMs you can use 24/7, and can do international banking on (namely withdrawing money from an overseas account using that nation's bank card). Most other ATMs won't let you do much at all, and are often 'closed'.

SenseNotSoCommon: not necessarily true. I know both chains that have shops that song sell ciggies -- it's up to the shop owner -- and have seen both that sell behind or on the counter. At least 7/11 doesn't have the useless "I'm 20 years old" button that is a sorry excuse for "ID" when you're buying non-alcoholic beer, and on the contrary I've seen 7/11 staff ask people for picture ID to buy smokes, but never have elsewhere.

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maybe cognitive dissonance from my local 7/11, where they had a nearly two metre long ciggie stand on the counter and the whole place looked like a fire sale in a souk.

I agree 7/11 ATMs can't be beaten, their (loss leader) coffee's the best, and their salads have improved lately, but there's just something about the place. Could it be Cheer up sleepy Jean?

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every convenience store is selling cigarettes at the counter.

It makes them convenient!

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7-11. I usually go in for food only, and 7-11 has the best selection...which is really not saying much. When it comes to simple things like burritos, bread and sandwiches, Japanese have some really strange ideas.

I often go to Lawson though but simply because its on the way to work. About the only thing I get there are so-called "butter rolls" with no butter and a tonkatsu sandwich that tastes fine, but I am so not impressed with it being thick, yet the meat only going 1/3 of the way down the bread. Yeah Lawson. We noticed.

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7-11. Good pizza-man, ice coffee, oden and wide variety of reasonably priced obento

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Seicomart. It has a Hot Chef, where freshly made stuff is available.

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Bernd - Yes! Seicomart. Great selection of wines and beers and some pretty good sandwiches too.

Pity it's only in Hokkaido.

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I think I like Lawson Natural the most. It's got a wider selection of items, though it generally also costs more.

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My favorite is the one that suits me at the time, and always has an ATM and alcohol. I avoid unnatural foods so the selection doesn't matter much to me.

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I live across from 7-11 and the owners are amazing. They're an older couple and they know everyone in the neighborhood by name... they even give my toddler a piece of candy whenever we go in. In general 7-11's selection is the best, but Family Mart has the best sandwiches and definitely the best fried chicken, karaage, etc. Plus there's like 3 FMs within the 5 minute walk to our station so it's pretty convenient lol

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This pretty much applies to all of them, and supermarkets as well, but looking over the merchandise on display one is struck by the fact that virtually nothing for sale in the stores could be described as "chewy." One could remove one's dentures and still have no problem masticating the breads, rolls, cakes, etc. Not to mention other food products. I grew up eating dark rye and other European style breads and like to give my jaws a workout. I recall reading articles in the local media from years ago warning that Japanese food is so soft and mushy people are inviting all kinds of jaw and tooth problems, such as impacted wisdom molars. One researcher made use of portraits of the Tokugawa shoguns to show how their faces changed shape, becoming increasingly narrower over a period of 250 years. Surely the overwhelming overdependence on processed foods must have long-term implications for the health of Japanese people.

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Any cnvenient store that does not ask me if I have a point card is good for me.

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Shichijuichi - sells cigs and nice range of booze. The uniforms are nice too.

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7-11 for the coffee, donuts, hiashichika.

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she sounds cool

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Can't make up my mind as I almost only frequent these 'conveniences' for copying documents in bulk. As far as the food is concerned, I guess you get what you pay for.

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As far as the food is concerned, I guess you get what you pay for. True. Most of the food is made or produced in China. Kind of scary if you think about it.

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As far as the food is concerned, I guess you get what you pay for

Go into any 業務スーパー, where restaurateurs shop, and you'll find lots of shockingly cheap, frozen veg from China.

The convenience stores no longer sell food, just concoctions of sugar, fat, salt, extracts, preservatives and the ubiquitous MSG, masquerading as something you might actually eat.

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There are Seico Marts outside of Hokkaido, there's one in Ono, one in Himeji, and a couple other places here in Hyogo-ken. Here's a list-


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Family Mart by a mile. Their ham and egg sandwich and donuts are great. Also love their chicken by the register.

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I guess I stand alone; I love Circle K. I only see it when Im on vacation.

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