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What's your impression of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's wife, Akie?


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I thought she was going to be a powerhouse especially since she went to bat for Miss International Ikumi yoshimatsu but then nothing.

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Probably speaks English better than he does. Did you listen to him before the US Congress? aaaaarrgh it was pretty painful to listen to.

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Like a lot of smart, capable women she married downward.

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Shinzo called her "the household opposition," ha ha for her outspoken views.

She is a fine First Lady.

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I presented a seminar to Mrs Abe last year.

On first impressions she's very cultured and very generous.

Mrs Abe was more interested in understanding everyday people and life.

(BTW, the title 'First Lady' isn't used for the wife of a prime minister as he is not the head of state.)

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Very lucky to a husband who is such great person and Prime Minister

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She would make a MUCH better Prime Minister than her hubby...

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Never thought about it. Never knew her name until now. Should I care?

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Akie speaks her mind. Something japanese women don't usually do and are traditionally kept in the shadows. Especially in japanese political circles.

BTW, Akie admired Laura Bush. Which gives Akie a very favorable impression.

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Apparently no kids. Oh well - end of this dynasty.

She seems nice, quirky, life of her own and I wonder the extent to which she keeps 'Mr Akie' on a leash.

I'd like to meet her one day.

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I wish she could be the next prime minister of Japan. Do you think Japanese people are ready for it?

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PM Abe is just as fortunate to have her as POTUS is to have Michelle !

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Don't know her, never met her, so it would be unfair to comment.

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She was in last years Gay Pride Parade, riding along with some drag queens. I LIKE her!

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