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When filmmakers make movies about real people or historical events, how much artistic liberty do you think it is OK for them to take?


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imo it depends on several things. the filmmaker, his/her “style” and the way he/she pretends the movie to be presented and if he/she has the permission/collaboration of the people involved in the real thing. if the director has a serious take on what happened, wants the movie to be realistic ( in a good way and not disrespectful ), and like I said has the permission/collaboration of everyone involved, I think they should have all the “artistic liberty” they want. because of that, we have many excellent movies, some are among the best movies of all time.

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As much as they like. But then it should be reviewed by a panel of qualified historians and given a historical accuracy rating. Online there should be a website listing their reasons for their rating, perhaps even an explanation by each individual historian so you can chose your favorite.

All this should be funded by the government, at least temporarily to get it off the ground.

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The only thing that counts is the quality of the work of art and the deeper truths it reveals beyond the mere adherence to "accepted" "facts". Shakespeare's "history" plays are the classic example.

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It's OK to take 3.6 artistic liberties.

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Not a lot. What is the point? If the reality is not exciting enough don’t make it, just write a fictional story and make that. The only changes acceptable are compression to fit the format, and even there they need to warn and explain to people at the start what they have done.

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Not much. Too much is already intolerable.

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For the most part I detest screwing with history. But then a movie like "Inglorious Basterds" comes along and I realize that while something needs to be done, it cannot be high and mighty or good art will be quashed. That's why I suggest everyone do as they please but get a rating. No idea why my idea only got negative votes. Its pure freedom with a warning label. What the hell is wrong with that? Is it freedom you hate? Or warning labels?

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Well, Columbus didn’t discover America, and there is some discussion about the actual inventor of many things. If one deviates too far from known facts, it would be better to change the names and not call it, “based on historical events,” because it isn’t. It is insulting to the people involved, diminishes the benefits of learning from history, and opens the floodgates of propaganda and manipulation. There is nothing artistic about it.

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In today's society where youth get much of their information from movies, YouTube etc...

We should be worried,

In many cases it gives a very wrong view of history.

A WW2 movie showing Black and White soldiers fighting alongside each other sometimes even in the same unit ( and yes this has been done) give the idea that such things happened and they didn't, the USA military was fully segregated.

The movie Argo makes it seem that Americans (USA) were the ones on the ground, when in reality no Americans were there, only Canadians.

U-571 makes it seem like the USA captured the enigma machine and now many Americans think that.

When in reality it was the British that did even befor the USA entered the war.

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