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When was the last time you did something for the first time? What was it?


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Not exciting, but I used a paipukata (pipe cutter) for the first time last week. I was really surprised at how easy it was

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Yesterday - some folks came over and my wife made scones (very rare). We never use margarine and butter is for cooking - not for spreading on bread(s) - we always use olive oil.

So we ate scones with olive oil, blueberry jam and fresh whipped cream. Yummy.

No big deal at all, but our guests were excited(???) at this new experience. Simple things.....!

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I skinned a pear for the first time since my kids (and many other Japanese) don't eat pears with the skin still on them. Taking out the core was a hassle.

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Oops, I meant a peach.

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July : Rode on the back of a scooter. August : Spear fishing (sooo much fun!) Last week : Asked the cabin attendant if I could see in the cockpit after landing (787 Dreamliner). Wasn't a problem and the pilot said 'Go on, sit in the seat and have fun'. I did!
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I'd have been happy to do any of those.

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Sept, purchased my first ever diesel car. It was also my first ever European car and the first European car I have ever changed a cam belt and water pump on. The first car I have ever owned with CAN BUS electrics too.

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Yesterday, attended a type of conference I've never been to before; aviation memorabilia. Sat in a Convair 880 cockpit there.

In August, spent a few weeks in Alaska hiking (glaciers, mtns, tundra), camping, flying on small planes to remote places and seeing wild bears less than 10 ft away. At that location, bears have the right-of-way. Close encounters happen, but aren't planned. DHC-3 Otter, Saab 2000, Dash-8. I try to do 3 fun trips like this a year. The world is a big place.

@kiwiboy - excellent. Haven't flown on a B787 yet.

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Restrung my guitar. Pretty easy.

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Brushed my teeth.

Don't understand what all the fuss is about.

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Attended an elementary school's Sports Festival (unndoukai).

Exhausting for both the kids and the parents, and pretty terrifying. A kid broke his arm, at least one kid was with heatstroke, and few minor injuries. It's funny that despite all this, and the competitive nature of the event ( white team vs red team) , kids did enjoy it.

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last weekend tried a Cleveland Steamer. Not my taste unfortunately.

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Experienced my first every natural disaster with the Kumamoto quakes. I found it amazing how quickly people adapt and how helpful everyone can be.

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I went to a Japanese baseball game this past summer, and it was not as loud as it is as on tv. I found it amazing that you can walk in and out of the stadium to buy food and drinks and a stamp on your hand allowed multiple entries. Security so lax compared to America.

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The last time I did something for the first time was the first and last time I did it.

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Restrung my guitar. Pretty easy.

Next trying tuning the strings...........sorry couldn't resist, EADGBE!

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Two weeks ago I used a dark room to print photos I took with a film camera for the first time in my life. It was fun (tho a bit costly) and would like to do it again. Hopefully I can make a more professional job next time and use that for some "out of the ordinary" gift for family and friends. Maybe even more than just a gift.

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Went for an early morning walk in my neighborhood as my cat just passed away and I felt lonely. Walking around, ran into a friend from our local sports club. Saw local cafes that I had not visited and should. Rejuvenating.

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My daughter got on my case about eating at the same restaurants all the time, etc., so I tried to take her advice and do new things. I mainly started watching movies Imgur recommends.

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Two years ago this month: Traveled to Japan

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Made a rhubarb pie (found REAL rhubarb on a farm in Nagano -- expensive, but worth it for the nostalgia alone!) last week from scratch. It was also the first time for me to make a crust using shortening instead of butter (more like a tarte the latter way); it was perfect!

And while the act is not necessarily new, I've also been going to a lot of new places lately on the spur of the moment, local stations nearby, just to walk around and see those neighborhoods, the parks, etc.

Oh, and worked for a day as a street vendor of Goshuinchou in Kyoto for a friend. Interesting change of pace.

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