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When you first heard about the coronavirus, did you think it would escalate into a global crisis that would still be with us as the new year begins?


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No, absolutely not. I thought it was scary but wasn’t concerned in the slightest way, thinking it would all have been brought under control before it made it to most of the world’s borders.

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Yes. When WHO announced in early February that some people were asytomatic, Imy immediate thought was that this would be very difficult to contain.

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No, but it's not about the virus itself. My initial understanding of covid-19 hasn't largely changed or updated (and I think it has been precise).

What I was never able to predict are many states' (failing) responses, the propagation of pseudo-scientific knowledge, mass hysteria & violence. The current pandemic will be remembered as a historic yet human-made crisis.

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Not really...

But when I heard it was created in China, then I start to get suspicious.

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Yes. The signs were all there but authorities chose to ignore them as it would affect economies.

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Yes, of course, I needed only some minutes to calculate it. You simply put your known or estimated transition probabilities into a small squared matrix and then raise the exponent to see what then happened and still will. Anyway, no one wants to listen or understand, so still feel free to ignore my warnings and enjoy further underestimating that virus. But then please don’t cry and get used to bear the consequences, too. It’s definitely all your faults, not mines, I insist on clarifying this!

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I wouldn’t be surprised if we are in some kinda quasi-mode next New Years.

It takes a long time to give billions of people shots. It takes twice as long to give them two.

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And that’s assuming everything works like clockwork

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I thought everyone would follow the science but instead everyone is following the media narrative so here we are

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Thepersoniamnow - not to mention I see articles from Greece to Los Angeles about 40 or 50 percent hospital nurses, doctors and staff passing on their vaccine chances. If vaccine is the only hope, it is going to be a looong time.

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When I first heard of the virus detection on the TV news, I did not think that the virus have spread to the countries around the world. We have been concerned natural disasters such as earthquake. However come to think of it, virus outbreak can be considered as a disaster, so I realized how I underestimate the potential danger of it. Also, lots of people may have had the same idea, which perhaps led to serious condition worldwide. It reminds me that I must watch world news more seriously.

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Not until the WHO stopped countries banning flights from China. After that it was obvious what was going to happen.

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At around diamond princess it was evident due to there being some data to work with.

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I knew by the end of January 2020 that this was going to be bad and made plans for it to be at least a year of the world being turned upside down BUT I never expected people in some countries to turn into complete idiots and start calling this virus a hoax or a new way to control our freedom and rights. That level of stupid is almost as scary as an unknown virus ravaging the world.

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Honestly I never expected it turn out the way it did. I was expecting something more like SARS in the early 2000's.....I was expecting the next pandemic to manifest in a different way.

Unfortunately I was wrong.

There are still alot of unanswered questions and much uncertainty as to where the world will go in 2021 as the Pandemic has not only impacted people's health but there financial security as well.

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I remember watching TV with my in-laws on New Year's eve and hearing about the strange new epidemic in Wuhan. Thought it was going to be another SARS contained to only one or a couple of countries.

Never did I think it'd get this out of control even though I did imagine the possibility.

I never thought governments would be so inept at handling it either. This has been a strong reminder to never fully trust governments.

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No. I didnt. Its amazing what can viruses can come out of China.

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When I heard the news that it spread to other countries, that's when I knew that we were in for the centennial pandemic. But if you think about it, previous pandemics like the MERS-COV, Ebola and Meningo didn't got much attention but were still deadly nonetheless, I wonder why.

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Last winter I watched the Pandemic on Netflix, and two days later there were the first news of covid-19.

I remember nervously chuckling about the coincidence, thinking surely the situation won't evolve to anything too serious.. and then again fearing, that "Oh ****, maybe it will". And it did.

In a way I'm not surprised at all about the severity of the virus/pandemic itself, but what has baffled me is how people are denying science, and how people are turning against each other, not working together for the common good.

I also didn't expect to loose friendships over this virus, but I did. Maybe it's for the good this way, though.

Can't really deal with people who are so irresponsible, think the virus is a hoax, that masks are for nothing, and believe in 'spirituality and mindfulness' (maybe even unicorns) to cure everything.

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Not at the beginning, but by March it became clear to me this was a power grab riding on the back a virus.

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Can't really deal with people who are so irresponsible, think the virus is a hoax

Very few people believe the virus is a hoax. But many do believe (correctly I think) that the response is intentionally exaggerated for a number of reasons (power grab, big pharma profits, ratings ...).

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At first, I did not think it would develop into a global pandemic that was going to have such a direct affect on my lifestyle. I thought it would be similar to the recent SARS, MERS, H5N1, Ebola and Zika outbreaks, none of which really changed my lifestyle in any noticeable way.

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Not at all. I only thought it was spreading within China and its adjacent countries. I never imagined wearing masks throughout the year, with summer being extremely hot. I have no idea when we can get back to normal(at least to a point where we don’t have to wear masks everywhere). There were deadly viruses in the past like Ebola and SARS but they didn’t get too serious worldwide.

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Yes, actually, long-before Jan 2020, as I had awareness about fiscal laws( by managing various financial and real-estate portfolios/investments in France) & the fact that the current power the EU, beyond our official government, pretending to be legitimate has never been constitutionally elected by the People, as big as it is !! to know that majority of European private banks are systemic/too big to fail, just like was the Lehman Bro in '09 in usa which has been purged) In parallel, I've been wondering since the 90's what could be "the official trigger incident" for the new world governance and order( quote:World Great Reset/ 4th "industrial revolution" for a " sustainable development"/climate change, ID2020, Lock-step scenario, Event 201, vaccination-passport roadmap for whole Europeans,then global, ..) for them to implement their old program among other organisations plans, to be able to pretend to the whole world "populations" that they'd would need to be protected by their "solutions"(a miracle vaccine), urgently (particularly within the NATO/EU/USA where biopharma's lobbies are the most influent)and because of "magical" PCR (not 100% accurate)tests made up/down medias-spread statistics, while drastically installing their sneaky totalitarian laws(banking, social,fiscal,human rights) and (new world's)order and governance. By following the money, it's very clear what are their interests, and reminds me some historical past human-made dictatorial regimes, which have made millions of deaths. From a geo-politico-strategy perspective, the current conflict is in full swing, proportionally to the astronomical, 5G/bio-nanotechs/Internet of things/energy ressources..related next R.O.I. Planned for long, implemented now, step by step, # 1 as the lock-up scenario.(all notes have official sources)

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