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When you first heard about the coronavirus, did you think it would escalate into the crisis the world is currently facing?


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I knew it was serious and I was sure it was going to turn into an international disaster after the Wuhan quarantine.

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I did not expect this. I was in Japan during SARS and I felt that it did not affect my life in Japan at all; however, since then, China has become much more integrated with the rest of the world, particularly with Japan via tourism, trade, etc. So now when China sneezes Japan will also get the cold.

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No, I did not expect this.

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Never expected. That is the point led to cause world epidemic crisis. One factor is the small symptoms no one can detect as a cause of the virus, especially for younger generations. In addition, cultural difference choose the fate of spreading the virus. Some country do not often wear a mask in daily life, compare to Japan for example. In Japan, wearing a mask sometimes regarded as on of the fashion.

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I was occupied by my owm health problems to even think about it

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I heard about this new type of untreatable pneumonia discovered in China back in December and thought it was incredibly scary, but in all honesty I never imagined it would reach this stage.

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Easy question, easy answer.


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No, not even a little bit! This thing is a once in a century scourge, doesn't discriminate, and shows no signs of slowing down.

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Yes. As soon as I ran across the "exponential" assessment.

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At Chinese New Year, when no measures were taken to stop tourists from China visiting

I felt very confused and worried of the possibilities, yet powerless to do one g'damned thing about it.

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