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When you hear the expression "Japan's kawaii culture," what do you associate it with?


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Immaturity, childishness, refusal to grow up, idiocy, warped perceptions of attractiveness, all of those

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Immaturity, childishness, refusal to grow up, idiocy, warped perceptions of attractiveness, all of those


Incidentally all things I associate with comments on this site.

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When you hear the expression "Japan's kawaii culture," what do you associate it with?

I associate it with purple, green, whatever hair, nose rings, nipple rings, wherever rings, this obsession with "look at me!" tattoos, wearing sweat pants in a family restaurant, foul language, bad manners, spare tires, to name a few, and thank gawd I'm in Japan and it's kawaii culture.

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Japanese middle aged man childs

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Anime dorks.

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well i am facing a dilemma because my comment may be considered "rude","impolite" or "related to topic" according to admin of this forum.

let me frank and short.

kawai equal to kimoi.

/you know what I mean/

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Highly pitched, overly saccharine, completely unrealistic voice acting.

Unfortunately, this will even pop up in commercials and advertisements at any time of the day, for seeming any product, so there's no avoiding it.

How can people like that?

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The affected and extremely high pitched nasal voices that some 40 year old women speak in to mimic young schoolgirls. Also, schoolgirl uniforms.

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Some good stuff, some bad. Cartoons, character bentos, high voices, lots of pink and general girliness.

As an example of kawaii as cool, I give you the Hatsune Miku guitar pedal.


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Cultural and social infantilism.

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girls being forced to act all pure, cutesy while at the same time being the object of desire. from a bigger picture, I'd probably say the culture of acting childish, the Japanese sure do love their childhood considering that they had little time to enjoy it.

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Great observation. But what do YOU think of kawaii culture?

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Anything and Everything. The design of a packet of gum can be “Kawaii”, what you think looks cool, cute and awesome is kawaii and I have yet to see something that’s not “kawaii.” To me, the word has become totally meaningless because it is used non-stop. You get your food, it can be “kawaii”, the message they put on your Starbucks cup can be “kawaii.” Don’t think about it too much or it’ll make you crazy.

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When you hear the expression "Japan's kawaii culture," what do you associate it with?

A pavlovian overreaction displayed by an unnatural voice pitch and maybe a pattering of the feet and random shaking of the hands.

For an almost similar association, see 'oishii'.

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Childishness, emotional immaturity and a dash of child sexual exploitation.

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Girls being able to be girls and not told they should act like boys even if they don't want to.

Women that can dress pretty as they please and not being told that they are being "oppressed".

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Escaping from reality. life is fruity and too peaceful here in Japan is what it resembles other than the petty crimes that happen as as oppose to other countries. It actually a good thing because everyone is mostly peaceful in my opinion and less violence. The kawaii culture has been around for quite some time.

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I have to laugh at the comments.

Go back home and see what it is like.

So here we have girls and boys, men and women trying to look nice, cute, etc...

Back home it is everyone trying to pretend they are "special" " individuals expressing themselves" all with a million tattoos, a thousand piercings, spilt tongues ( yes last time I was home the waiter serving me in a restaurant had a split tongue not appetizing to look at and difficult to understand him).

The joke is the more they try to express their "individuality" the more they all look the same.

One big difference is the girls or guys in Japan doing the "Kawaii" thing can at any time stop and change to anything else at any time.

Back home those now covered in tattoos, piercings ( especially those that stretches the holes in their ears), etc... Will have a far more difficult time the day they decide they no longer what those things.

I have a young family member that has a Severus Snape (Harry Potter) tattoo on their arm, think of what that will be like when they are in their 40, 50, 60s.... And people look and ask what or who that is!

I point this out because I actually knew an older man with a Humphrey Bogart tattoo and he would regularly get asked who it was and was it his father or someone in his family? He told me he really regretted getting it as he got older.

So bring on the Kawaii that can end anytime they want.

¥500 size holes in your earlobes not so easy.

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Immaturity, as someone just said.

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hello kitty

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You think that guitar pedal is cool????? As one of the hosts of that YouTube channel points out, ' absolutely pointless' and that really sums up kawaii culture, absolutely pointless

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A wide variety of completely dissimilar things, from grown up women with artificially high pitched voices to small pets and decorated baby clothes, at this point I feel everybody is including anything they consider cute in with the tag and has lost all meaning for me.

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Socks up the knees and roll down!

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Moronic behavior

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A developmentally dangerous absence of love.

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Annoying, highly pitched voices, thinking they are cute. Weeaboos. Obsession with girls, often very very young, mimicking adults. Watching too many anime. Thinkink what is in anime is also in real Japan. Childish behaviour. Sound polution. Creating new mascots and "cute" characters for every occasion or situation. Us thinking that kawaii is kawaii, although it really is not.

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