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When you were a child, what profession did you aspire to? And did you actually join that profession when you became an adult?


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Growing up, I've always wanted to join the military. But after hearing the stories of my friends' fathers who served and my friends who are currently enlisted, I'm thankful that I didn't pursue that dream. As an adult, I'm just content with a job that will pay well and treat me well. I'd say that aside from the military, I've always wanted to become an explorer or a nature conservationist, that I am working to attain.

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wanted be journalist,traveller.

did not happen.

later i have found out that real journalism is dead these days.

travelling also.

so doing something else i like.

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I actually just wanted to have fun and not work, and I became quite successful at it.

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I wanted to be a Rock legend!! I think I succeeded.

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@Elvis: Your comment was great and when you died, I w as all shook up...Un haha, I was all shook up.

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I wanted to be the first black president of the USA. But before I turned 35 some 1/2 black guy beat me to it.

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As a kid, I always wanted to play with genetic engineering and clone stuff. Don't ask me why coz I really don't know. Anyway, I never went that way.

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Possibly, @Garth, the ‘original’ did. You just can’t recall the divergence.

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Ha! Could very well be.

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I wanted to be an astronaut. Still working on that - I'm working on being wealthy enough to buy a flight into space someday.

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But rock star suited my purpose, as did advertising agency owner.

Same thing, in the end. Limited fame, lots of satisfaction ('I Can't Get No!...) and early retirement. What's left in life?

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Professional wrestler.

Growing up in Atlanta in the late 70's through the 80's, it was like heaven to us kids and they were our gods.

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Astronaut/Doctor/Low paid Engrish teacher


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I wanted to be an astronaut.

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As a little girl, I wasn’t allowed to have a dog of my own and my dream was to work in a pet shop and be surrounded by puppies and kittens all day long. Then I realized I would actually have to sell the puppies and say goodbye....end of that dream.

Then I wanted to be a vet, to help the dogs and cats other people were lucky enough to buy. But I am not in the least scientifically minded, couldn’t cut the biology lessons, could hardly bear to be in the school biology lab, with its displays of dissected frogs and worms...end of that dream.

Now I earn a living doing something completely different (translating) which I enjoy, and with the money I earn I can afford to have the pets I was denied as a kid.

Livin’ the dream!

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I achieved some of my goals, that's good enough for now.

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Wanted to be a footballer or musician - wasn’t good enough to be a pro at either. Ended up working in manufacturing. Pretty dull. It pays.

Still holding out to get paid for playing music. I’ll have more time on my hands in the not too distant future. Reckon I’ve got enough about me to play rhythm guitar in a pub band. I suppose I could do a one-man acoustic set.

A tenner will do. I’ll frame it.

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The Queen.

The Crown Jewels all mine.

That didn't work out.

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When very young I wanted to be a farmer (had a toy farm set) then an astronaut, and later a barrister, shame that one didn’t happen. Backed in to a different career that paid the mortgage. Oh well that’s the reality of real life.

If you can have a look at 7 Up and the subsequent 8 programmes filmed every 7 years until 63 Up (don’t know if 70 Up will be made as Michael Apted died recently) to see how people’s aspirations, ideas and ideals change over time or don’t. Quite fascinating.

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My dream career and goals that I had since I was a child all came true, no complaints, zero regrets, feel definitely blessed, God has definitely been good to me.

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as usual you didn’t answer the question.

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as usual you didn’t answer the question.

I did and always do, read it once more, carefully please.

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bass4funk, I assume your dream was too be a politician?

You gave a classic politicians answer :)

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Take a guess.

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Wanted to be a criminal forensics specialist.

Been through all the trials and tribulations anmd got my degrees in Crimial Forensics.

Found out that most departments go after a certain demographic to work in their company.

Now that degree is as good as a coaster!

Left America for good.

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