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Which airlines are your favorites and why; and which airlines do you think are among the worst and why?


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I love the smell of air india. Curry rocks.

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The thing I value most about any airline is the type of customer they attract. Your fellow passengers do more to influence whether you have an enjoyable flight or not than the quality of the food, drinks, seats, smiles, and entertainment combined .

That's why I only fly on Japanese airlines now (JAL in my case). Usually there are no loud conversations or drunks, few crying babies, no smelly bare feet, no excessive flatulence, no morbidly obese neighbours blocking your way or whistling through their noses with every breath they take.

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Singapore Airlines - Best (Punctual even in third world countries, efficient ground staff, efficient cabin crew)

Air India - Worst(Not safe, Poor customer service, Not punctual, Zero crisis management skills)

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Actually, the food is good on Air India. Curry reheats particularly well.

The worst for service I have ever flown on was Biman. They did not even offer you a menu. It seems that they just slammed down a curry in front of Japanese customers and gave Bangladeshis and other non-Japanese soggy reheated tempura. I don't know if they still fly to Japan.

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Air Jordan

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Here is one that gets my vote for entertainment.

<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYA_ivyj3kE >


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American Airlines - great service and very accommodating.

British Airways - rude staff, overpriced, lazy cabin crew.

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JAL and ANA were excellent when I flew with them. I had nothing but terrible service with Korean Air

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American, United and Delta have been just okay each time I've flown them. I use Delta a lot because I can get tickets cheap. I haven't run into any serious problems, but I haven't been wowed. I will never upgrade to the Economy Plus or whatever that's supposed to be again, though. Rip off.

JAL was great the one time I flew them. I don't know what the service is like now, but they treated us like valued customers rather than cargo in 2003.

I was not sad to see Delta buy out Northwest, which was a different kind of horrible each time I flew, but it didn't improve Delta. Wow, all of my worst flying experiences were with them. Constant delays, rude people at the gate, lousy food, luggage lagging a day behind me once. Bizarre insistence on 747s with cramped cabin layouts. At least Delta largely uses 777s that give you a centimeter here or there.

I'd like to try some other airlines.

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Fly a lot.

Usually fly ANA or JAL. Both better than most but JAL on older planes is very small in economy.

United International OK, certainly not great, prefer the Japanese carriers.

United Domestic.. never been so shocked in my life to hear the announcement "we are not here for your service only your safety.."

Delta, was a long time ago but in comparison to the ANA flights I was taking at the time it felt like I was getting on an old bus with people who's job it was to seems as disinterested as they could in the passengers.

Air NZ, Qantas both fairly good.

Singapore good but not as good as it used to be.

British Airways only once but disappointed.

KLM was ordinary, doesn't stick out in my memory as particularly good or bad.

Jetstar, never again will I get on one of those planes. Thought a cheap ticket home would be good, its just not worth it. Overloaded call centre, ripped bag and finally back home a week late.. never again.

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All of the US airlines are great, if you like the feeling of flying on a bus full of Walmart customers.

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My favorite airline is ANA ... never had any problems with them. And they were always there to help me and my wife when we needed assistance. Also like Cathay Pacific ... and had good experiences with them.

As for dislikes ... sorry to say, but I've had nothing but problems when flying United. Don't know why. Perhaps it was because their staff, both in the planes and on the ground in the U.S., gave me, especially me, a hard time.

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Favorite, ANA - service, service, service.

Least Favorite, American - lack of service, lack of service, lack of service.

In Between, British Airways - good service but I hate Heathrow.

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My comment was sarcastic. I hate air india.

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I've only been flying since 2006 and have only used KLM, ANA, British Airways, FlyBe and Virgin... I'd have to say KLM are by far the best.

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Singapore Air all the way, baby! And why don't you just drop me off at Changi Airport and leave me there, while you're at it? I'd die happy.

That's why I only fly on Japanese airlines now (JAL in my case). Usually there are no loud conversations or drunks, few crying babies, no smelly bare feet, no excessive flatulence, no morbidly obese neighbours blocking your way or whistling through their noses with every breath they take.

I hate to have to tell you this, but I've had all these experiences and more on both JAL and ANA. (In my case, the flatulent snorer was a petite young woman, and the non-stop wailing baby was left in coach with a half-senile grandma, while the parents sat in business. Oh, and the guy who nearly got our plane turned around by lighting a cigarette? All of them Japanese, I assure you.)

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Singapore. The eye candy serving the drinks.

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I fly out of Japan on average twice a month on business and as far as possible, I always use Cathay Pacific Business Class. It's simply the best. Nothing but praise for Cathay Pacific.

The worst airline I have ever had the misfortune to use is British Airways. Awful service and attitude from the Cabin Attendants.

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BA constantly below par-I'm amazed when they try (rarely) Singapore and Cathay very good-nice experience! Japanese airlines are rarely good enough on price out of Japan but I might give them a try soon after many years. Asiana is my choice into Europe -their Business Class is very good for the price and schedule outbound is good Air Asia will not let you sleep on a night flight and will freeze you (literally) into renting an unwanted blanket! Peach stewardesses astounded me by their excellent customer service! It more than made up for the cramped seat.....

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Am in love with Cathy Pacific. Next ANA and JAl. JAL food needs improvement. Worst. UA. Belligerent staff is the biggest problem. Often felt discrimination when traveling with my Japanese spouse. But last flight from Tokyo was great. All Japanese staff.

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Anyone who uses business or first class should declare this when commenting. IMO, the way all have shrunk the domestic seating areas and the sliding seat to lean back, all bad that I've used. ANA, seat is too short, and terrible dinner choices, fish or curry YUK!!

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ANA is great is flying abroad. Their commuter flights are horrific. Packed in with rude salarymen in seats that are too small for anyone except a small child.

Air Canada has gotten a lot better but I would avoid if I could. I refuse to fly anything American. Finnair is horrible.

Cathy, Luft and Singapore are all great in my books.

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Singapore, Etihad and Emirates are the best I've used. I used to go ANA business class or economy class in my previous job depending on the flight time and both were good.

I've never anything other than completely unimpressed with every US airline I used. Alitalia was pretty poor. BA is terrible but Virgin is decent.

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I forgot Air France - flew with them during a cabin crew strike.... ugh, horrible experience. Our inflight meal? A Pot Noodle!!!!

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Turkish Airlines -The food is great -They provide complimentary hotel accommodations for long layovers -They have kinda fancy amenity kits (like Chopard or Furla) -Their seats are wide -Their cabin attendants look unapproachable though (difficult to get their attention and they rarely smile) but that's alright

Worst: most low-cost carriers (can't really complain though, you get what you pay for)

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Singapore and Cathay were pretty good when I flew with them. Good choice of inflight entertainment. Air NZ pretty good as well, but they have cut back a bit on their offering on the NZ-Japan route from what I can see, less generous with alcohol etc.

Domestically within Japan I tend to use ANA, more just because my frequent flyer program is a star alliance one. ANA generally pretty good and no complaints from me.

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ANA ticks all the boxes, although business class is a disappointment. Singapore was great, but haven't taken it for a long time due to high fares. United has best mileage deals.

JAL forces you eat Japanese food, and as we all know, some Japanese food can be downright awful.

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I went to Cairns recently on Jetstar. Cheap ticket? Not really, but I needed a direct flight to save time.

Charges then started: $7.50 charge for booking a seat ($30.00 for a seat next to an emergency exit with more legroom was a bit too much). 7kg carry on luggage only. And the base ticket price was relatively expensive anyway. ANd in the flight whining flight attendants offering me someone else's reserved dinner twice.

Return flight was a no-go. Arrived early, waited at the boarding gate, business passengers board, one hour standing, departure time passes, all Jetstar ground staff disappear, Koreans calling the head office two hours and a walk to a window to see casing on the engine open, three hours Business class passengers disembark, and a ground staff person announces on the PA that the flight would be rescheduled to 'tomorrow'. We were then herded by re-appearing Jetstar personnel back down through Immigration and customs with people in uniforms shouting 'Returnees over here!'. Collected my $30 allowance of 15 kg checkin luggage and joined the long line of punters queuing up for what ever they queued up for.

I had had enough and I was in a hurry to get back to Japan. Once out I saw the Cathay Pacific counter just opening. Straight over, explained problem: 'Just leave your bags here and we shall fix you up'. A trip up to their office, a phone call and a one-way trip back to Kansai for $824, on the plane 50 minutes later, an upgrade to premium economy, a complimentary glass of champagne before take off from flight attendants thanking us for choosing to fly Cathay Pacific, and by the next morning fed three times and having had the chance to see several movies before arriving in Kansai.

The poor suckers on Jetstar are probably still queuing up. Two days later I got an email from them offering me a $50 voucher redeemable only in Australia until August. I shall forgoe it.

Jetstar - never again with that pretentious bus company that codeshares with QANTAS and JAL.

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