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Which airports do you think are the best in the world in terms of service, shopping, amenities, security and immigration?


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Incheon, Seoul.

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Incheon, Seoul.

You obviously have never arrived into Incheon around 10pm plus, the airport is partially closed and airport amenities are not easy to locate for transit passengers unless you have a local airport worker acquaintance. Immigration for foreigners line up till few hundred meters with only 2 counters open and follow by more long lines to exit custom. It's really a disgrace as an international airport.

On the other hand, fully agree that Singapore, got it covered in all areas, 24/7 and for short or longer term transit pax, in and out of the airport. Even Hong Kong would have come in 2nd easily in amenities compared to Incheon.

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Incheon, Seoul.

bilderberg -- agreed. The ability to take a shower/shave during your lay-over and the travel club you can use for several hours for just $20.00 or so are awesome.

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Layovers in Dubai can be quite long though. A couple of years ago a British guy was found with a tiny speck of cannabis less than the size of a grain of sugar, stuck to his shoe. Something that could happen to anyone. They gave him 4 years. There are plenty more stories like that. The Scorpions drummer has just gone to jail for "insulting Islam" at the airport.

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In terms of fantastic service Doha International airport in Qatar until the state-of-the-art Hamad International airport opens up later this year. Then hands down Hamad International airport should be the best in VIP service. In premium service it would have to be Sanya Phoenix International airport in China. For shopping you can't beat Heathrow International airport in London with its wide variety of shop at all five terminals. They have everything from designer brands to familiar high street stores. If you're looking for amenities, Changi airport in Singapore has a cactus garden, an orchid garden, koi pond, sunflower garden and a unique butterfly garden. Also at terminal three is a indoor slide. Copenhagen airport in Denmark has great efficient security processing with short wait time including a very pleasant, friendly staff. Last of all Icheon International airport in Seoul has mega-quick immigration processing including a shorter average and departure time than many airports I have experienced. Finally no such thing as best of everything airport.

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Incheon is nice. It's clean and has free wifi, but the line for the security check was horrific. Also, there weren't clear signs and it was difficult to know where to go, not to mention the staff barely spoke any English. Singapore gets the nod from me, as I experienced absolutely none of the inconveniences I've had at other airports. I could happily spend half a day there.

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Singapore and Hong Kong are the best. Actually, there's not another airport that's even close to as good quality as Singapore.

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Singapore is way better than Incheon.

Incheon's transit security check line has really got far, far worse in the last couple of years. A reduction in staff? They stuff so many passengers coming from opposite directions into one room and fail to control frustrated people ducking the seemingly arbitrary lane tapes. You frequently hear people shouting out in anger.

Most of the massage chairs upstairs are filled with people sleeping, and broken anyway, as are the few free internet pcs.

Most other stuff is OK though.

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Hands down Singapore is the best!

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Hong Kong, San Francisco, Kansai.

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Singapore! I also love how I pay less than $2 for the train into the city. Amazing.

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I've always enjoyed my time at the San Francisco Int'l Airport, but I've never been to Dubai or Singapore. I like the seafood restaurants at the airport in the SFO.

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1) Changi Airport (Singapore) 2) Incheon Airport (South Korea) 3T) Chicago O'Hare Airport (USA) / 3t) Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (the Netherlands)

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