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Which cell phone do you currently use? Are you happy with it?


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A younger teen once asked me of my Nokia:

"what ring tone do you have?"

I answered that I only had the default one, to which he frowned.

"What's your high score in Snake?"

he asked. Embarrassed, I lied that I didn't play Snake.

"So what do you have a phone for then?" he protested.

These days, I have the larger iPhone 7. I love the image quality, the amazing camera, and the half dozen or so apps that have become indispensable to me.

I haven't checked the App Store for Snake yet.

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I also have the iPhone 7 plus. It's fast, efficient, easy to use and syncs seamlessly with our other Apple hardware. I run my business on it.

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iPhone 6s. Yes very happy with it.

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Motorola v125 - 10 days of battery. No apps. No viruses. Amazing device. It is a phone and the TSA aren't very impressed when I show it.

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I have an iPhone 6 - works well, can do lots offlline and I like the quality of the camera... oh and I can make calls too lol

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Samsung Galaxy 6. Very happy, and it helps keep me out of the Apple walled garden.

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Galaxy Note II, 4 years+, I can watch movies, read books, take notes, not gonna change for another 4 years

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iPhone 5, works great, had flip phone before that. As for others, I'd rather support American company than another country's stuff. Even though Hecho en Chine, it's still American profits.

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I've had just enough wine to do some free product endorsement: I-Phone 6, one of the best things I've ever bought.

Huge shout out to my friend in another country who still rocks the original i-phone in a state of total disrepair and still uses the original charger which has been striped to bare wires..it is a sight to behold!

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IPhone 6

It works. It's good.

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Galaxy S7 Edge, wonderful phone and I love the added bonus of being able to use GearVR with it. And the camera... Wow!

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I have no phone.

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Oneplus 3T, love the dash charge; using a day with a 30 min. charge.

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Sony Xperia Z2, getting on to being 3 years old but still a fantastic smartphone with an amazing battery life (for a smartphone). Waiting for the imminent release of the Sony XZ Premium as I'm due an upgrade.

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Galaxy Note 4. -Last year of the replaceable battery. LG Vista 2 (again replaceable battery) as a back-up. A few iPhone 4s laying around. LG G4 -but the screen then whole phone failed. Wanted the larger screen + replaceable battery.

If you buy the older phone, many of the cases/protectors/accessories are very cheap.

With the Note 2/3/4 you get the Samsung smart case (chip in case). LG is similar.

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HTC 10, because I hated my Galaxy S6

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Nexus 5x, (pure Android), and it rocks. My wife has an iphone 7, but we always my phone when we're out or traveling for maps, getting info, tethering or listening to music, since the Android apps usually work a lot better with less hassle.

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Galaxy S5. Love it.

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Folks running smartphones that aren't currently patched have huge security issues. These are so bad as to be worth pulling the battery out (even if it isn't removable) and never using the machine again. Recent Android and iPhone models have "drive-by-WiFi" takeover issues, so there isn't any hope for older devices.

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Happy with my old Huawei.

As for security don't do SNS, online banking, etc. They can check a few hardly used disposeable E-Mails and my browser history(JT, news sites, few forae) no real personal, etc info on it.

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Recent Android and iPhone models have "drive-by-WiFi" takeover issues, so there isn't any hope for older devices.

I just googled this as I've never heard of it, but couldn't find anything in reference to. Do you have a link to give more information?

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iPhone 7. I realised how good it is to have Apple by your side in emergency situations like last week. I had to make calls, open apps, drive to an unknown place, send messages seamlessly in a very short time. Siri helped me doing all the tasks I asked her, and I arrived to the destination faster than I was supposed, which was crucial. It is situations like that that makes always buy an iPhone, not ever think of another smartphone.

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