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Which countries do you think Japan should start allowing more international flights to and from? Or do you think it is still too early for that?


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All of them if they have visas already and do PCR testing at the airport with quarantine.

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Not to or from China. No way.

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Not to or from the USA, no thanks.

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It’s not about Japan ‘allowing’ flights, it’s more about whether airlines want to have routes to Japan. At the moment very few do, why would they? No customers. They won’t come back unless it’s a viable business option.

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Some countries are seeing a drop in infection cases so Japan should gradually accept entries from those countries. Balancing between economy and health is very difficult but sooner or later we have to open up to revitalize tourism and flights industry.

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Increasing flights without changing the immigration situation just means allowing only Japanese nationals to freely visit those places, especially if the PCR test required for non-Japanese to enter Japan is not freely available there.

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Exactly. Sure, restart those flights, and see howmany foreigners are willing to jump all those hurdles to come here, and then watch the airlines go bankrupt.

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Samoa, Tonga, Soloman Islands...

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before they even start talking about that, they need to start letting in the tax payers stranded abroad.

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