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Which country's national anthems do you find the most stirring? Do you know the words to your country's?


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The American one.It's the best one out there.No ifs,ands or buts. I love hearing before a big boxing fight,with the crowd amped.

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I hate all national anthems and refuse to stand for them.

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None of them are stirring, unless you talk about stirring up nationalistic feelings. I don't think national anthems contribute anything good to society. They may be harmless, they may be used to stir up trouble - but I don't see any societal benefit to them.

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The American one is good. So is the French one. Britain's is like a funeral dirge. Japan's is also way too melancholic and non-rousing.

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It has to be the French one. Other good ones are the Scottish one that they use for rugby and football (soccer). (Does Scotland count?) I like the Sri Lankan one for some reason. Also, the South African one is pretty good because of the history behind it. I think they sing in five or six languages which truly shows that it is the rainbow nation.

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Wales, France

good ones are the Scottish one

A lot of Scottish people find it embarrassing, including myself.

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The French one is excellent. South American ones tend to be funny. The German one is quite rousing. Japan's is a bit depressing, but at least uses a Japanese melody. British one is dull. The USA's is nice - the tune was set to a popular British song of the era.

i don't know the lyrics in full to any.

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The American one.It's the best one out there.No ifs,ands or buts

The French one knocks it out of the ground. The USA anthem is nice, but as a piece of music, viewed objectively, it's not that special.

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 lot of Scottish people find it embarrassing, including myself

Really? I didn't know that. Why is that? It always seems to be sung with a lot of passion.

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The US anthem is a nice tune but the lyrics are utter nonsense. France’s anthem is very ballsy. God Save the Queen is just awful.

The German anthem is a lovely piece of music.

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Not a fan of anthems at all, manufactured governmental jingoistic tribalism.

Although I don't mind national songs - songs of the people - eg Sakura in Japan, Waltzing Matilda in Australia or Danny Boy in Ireland etc, etc.

I have no idea of my home country Australia's anthem including the full title and words. I'm not even sure of the opening line. One reason is the anthem was changed from God save the Queen (thank god) to a song that was popular in parts of Australia where I Didn't hail from. That meant I never learnt it at school so the words just don't come forth.

But I do recognize the tune - I think?

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Really? I didn't know that. Why is that?

To quote one critic, "It’s a chippy song about grievance and the inability to put the past behind you." The tune is also pretty dire.

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Not a fan of anthems at all, manufactured governmental jingoistic tribalism.

I generally agree. My choices of Wales and France were because I don't think they quite fit that pattern. The Welsh anthem celebrates love of one's country/home (hard to translate) which I see as different from "my nation". The French one is quite violent, but the violence is not towards other countries. (They both have great music too.)

It's hard to beat this:


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Whitney Houston singing the US, go down as the best ever in History

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Words aside, I like the German and Russian anthems. The melody of the Japanese one is just so depressing. They need to jazz it up a bit. Hong Kong has a new (albeit unofficial) one - I wonder how long before it gets banned.

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National anthems stir up emotions that people subconsciously transfer to an invented, fake, concept called "patriotism". The German with music by Haydn is beautiful. The Russian sung by a choir is electrifying and overwhelming like the vastness of the land itself. The famous Marseillaise is perhaps the most stirring as it it is a revolutionary anthem, but the words are hardly appropriate for times of peace. The Welsh has a lovely air and nostalgic lyrics that express "hiraeth", a word that reminds us of the transitory dear to our hearts. The English with its monotonous tune and uninspiring words and Japanese with its reverend dirge-like tune and its antiquated text merely exalt their respective monarchies. I dislike standing for any of them but the music is the redeeming factor that fluttering rags in the wind lack.

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Anthems and flags are rubbish and aim for the lowest common denominator. Some nice tunes but too much baggage. I include my own in that.

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I like the French and Russian ones best. Watching the teams during the Rugby World Cup when their anthems were played, quite a few players did know or seemed to know some of the words, while others hardly knew any. I don't know the words to mine, either.

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Simply saying without any nationalism I like the most the Russian one, very powerful from the sound vibration and the meaning but Japan also has a calm (and very short) deep essence to be a anthem. I like both from the contrast of them.

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You would have to pretty dense not to know the words to your own country's national anthem. (assuming it has not been changed in the recent past to a new one)

> I hate all national anthems and refuse to stand for them.

Hmm, in some parts of the world you would likely get a beating for that. Whether I agree of disagree with anthem, I think out of common respect one should stand.

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I always enjoyed it when the Iron Sheik told the audience to shut up and then Nikolai Volkolf would sing the Soviet National Anthem!

Grand memories.....

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