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Which country or countries do you think will emerge the strongest and most influential in the post-coronavirus new world order?


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The countries that can maintain the lowest number or maintain free of CV-19 for the longest period and/ or the country that can make the first effective vaccine. But I expect that this would be short-lived and the pre-pandemic status quo powers will likely remain on top after this virus blows over.

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silly question as we still don't know what's going to happen in the fall and winter when Covid and influenza get together.

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This is one of the most interesting questions asked here. There is a lot more going on than Covid, which is just the trigger that reveals underlying systemic problems.

Hard to say except that the USA will certainly grow much weaker (and perhaps more dangerous because of that). China could grow very strong if they manage to get rid of their current leaders. Countries like Iran might surprise if they do the same. Some former Soviet Bloc countries in Europe should do well, especially Poland. Vietnam and Thailand have great potential.

I don't see another super-power on par with the USA rising, and that's a good thing. Japan will go through some very hard times, and the LDP will finally lose its power in disgrace. After that, who knows? Japan has incredible potential if the government would stop crushing it.

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Chynaaaaa!!! (say that with a Trumpian accent).

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Maybe a country who decides to reorganize with teleworking, deurbanization, reductions in air pollution (a big contributory factor to Covid-19 mortality), more online education options, etc. The various furlough schemes for workers have worked as a form of UBI and that may be a way forward in certain circumstances. Covid-19 is questioning how society currently works and there is plenty we can learn from it.

The death toll in the US is now over 0.5% of the population. That would weaken any country.

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I don't foresee any big changes except that China has utterly and thoroughly destroyed its reputation. Countries ravaged by coronavirus actually may be ahead because they will have immunity and avoid the need for endless lockdowns.

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The death toll in the US from the ccp virus is nowhere near 0.5% of the population. Where did you get that from? Check what the US CDC recently published showing only 6% of the reported 185,000 deaths (~11,000 people) were from Covid 19 alone. We are all being lied to.

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Try 0.05%.

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The communists: China and Vietnam.

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Two word answer.... CHINA and CHINA!

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Trump Tower Pyongyang

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Ireland and Scotland.

Tiocfaidh ar la!

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It should easily be china if covid19 factors alone are taken into consideration but the trade war with the west could affect outcomes significantly

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