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Which do you think make better pets: cats or dogs?


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People will say it depends on your personality but... You know the answer, I know the answer, and we all know the answer to that question. Dogs will always be the best, purest, most loyal friends we can have. But that takes work... well, love takes work and dedication, right?

Cats will always have those leave me alone moments. Nothing wrong with having cats. A good choice for someone with a busy schedule. And they’re cute, yes they are. But dogs... well, Ricky Gervais recently said: “ There’s nothing more beautiful than a dog.

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Why does it have to be one or the other? Cats and dogs play different roles in the household, and I for one would be loath to be without either.

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For pet lovers, our lives would feel empty without God’s great gift of companionship from domestic cats and dogs.

Even the passing glimpse of another’s pet during our daily commute can brighten a day. The world would be a desolate place without them.

Wishing peace and happiness to all pet lovers (and even those just tolerant of them ; ) who come here today.

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Easy -

you want a pet, dog (can’t look after self)

you want convenience, cat (lots oks after self)

The rest is up to you.

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Easy means different things to different folk.

You want convenience, get a stuffed toy. Or a ceramic objet. (It’ll still need the occasional dusting, but no need to feed or take it out, or clean up messes).

You want a pet, get a cat or a dog, or a cat and a dog. Or several of each, if you have the wherewithal to care for them properly and the understanding/support/toleration of other family members.

I was born a dog person, raised in a family of dog lovers, never thought I had any time for cats until I picked up a tiny kitten abandoned in the woods near our house. Totally unplanned and unexpectedly, he converted me into an incurable cat lady.

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For dogs, it depends upon the breeds.

If you get little pooches, easier to care but quite boring to be with.

If you get medium to large sized dogs like beagle, labradors, huskies, you need to take care a lot but you get so much fun and joy in your life that you will be thankful forever.

And if you get tough dogs, then it's up to you how you can socialize with.

For any breeds of cat, it's the same old thing every day.

Cats - take cares of spirituals in your house

Dogs - Brings happiness, luck and prosperity

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I like both, but if I had to choose one, I would say dogs, because cats kill too much wild life.

-3 ( +2 / -5 )

Cats, definitely! They don't need walking, hide their drops, have a unique personality and are more aesthetically pleasant to the eye. I like dogs too but they are a bit stupid IMO.

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I like dogs too but they are a bit stupid IMO

Depends on the dog and breed. My mother had an English Bulldog who was a complete moron which is supposedly common among this breed. A great companion and fiercely loyal though.

I wouldn’t say the breeds used as guide dogs, sheepdogs, police dogs, rescue dogs and the like are stupid. Highly intelligent. Very useful too. Earn their keep.

Dogs for me although I did have a real bruiser of a rescue cat who was a cracking mouser. He earned his keep but had a bad habit of killing birds.

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Cats are easier to look after.

Dogs are more loyal but require a lot more attention- like having another kid.

Depends on what the individual is looking for.

Also some people are cat people- others are dog people.

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Both equally the same for different reasons. The dog is more loyal and can be trained, will come to you when called etc. The cat will show signs of loving you and buries its own crap.

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Cats are born as 'adults'. Dogs never make it beyond 'toddler.' And, whereas cats 'choose' to like you or not, dogs are archetypal examples of Stockholm syndrome. And the 'attraction' of dogs and cats in Humans is a textbook example of natural selection in that, if they cannot stimulate the unconscious emotional hooks of Humans, they are 'selected out', and, after thousands of years of selection, cats and dogs come armed with all manner of 'hidden persuadrers' and subliminal hooks. For example, cats 'meow' only to Humans and studies suggest that some of the sounds contained in cat vocalizations resemble the sounds of Human infants. Dogs have those damnable eye and postural signals... Dogs are more easily 'trained to obedience' which should not be considered an example of 'intelligence' because, as an example, the first people that fascists imprison or 'remove' are the difficult to 'train' intellectuals. it's not really "make better pets" as much as it is the degree to which one is willing to be enslaved to the needs of the nonHuman companion... and people who truly like 'independence' can find dogs to be sad to see examples of Authority and appetite dominated enslavement. Too much like so many Humans, that is...

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Dogs or cats bring joy to our shared lives. Not enslavement of a species but mutual respect and symbiotic coexisting. Do not understand the need of negative commentators here like Mr. WilliamBjornson and Mr. TrevorPeace that want to disparage any joy in life from others.

Such critical views of pets, other peoples’ individual art and fashion tastes and regarding all humanity as cold-hearted in general may leave them quite lonely in the end.

Good luck finding another source of almost unconditional love. To many of us here, pets are dear friends.

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I prefer dogs, but it depends on the breed. I'm no fan of those yappy little things that are so popular here in Japan. Much rather spaniels, labs, etc. They take a bit more work, but they're way more fun.

As for cats, I used to hate them but have grown to like them. There's an old tomcat that's part of the furniture at our local kaikan. We're good friends, and he casually saunters over when he sees me passing by for a scratch on the belly. He's quite good at it.

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The Wife if your male, your husband if your a female then dogs then gold fish. You can’t own a cat EG If you can’t register your cat as a pet with your local government then it not a pet.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

Dogs are good for responsible people as you have to walk them and bag their poop, and they don't kill wildlife.

Cats are better for lazy, inconsiderate people, as you don't have to walk them, you can leave them to poop in other peoples' gardens, and you can ignore all the wildlife - fledgling birds etc - they kill.

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