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Which industries do you think will weather the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus?


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Basic services and key industries like healthcare, energy, food production, manufacturing, telecommunications, sanitation, etc. Just name a job that caters to a person's basic needs, they'll likely to stay afloat even in other emergencies. If you're working for these industries, you're still likely busy and working today. Be thankful for that, it's a job that won't go belly up even if the economy goes under

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In East Asia, mask makers.

In Europe and USA food delivery like Grubhub and Uber Eats.

In Canada maple syrup and hockey puck makers.

In Australia beer makers.

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Businesses on networking infrastructure alongside online services are growing. Home delivery services can be popular.

Regardless of the current crisis, public work project and civil engineering are in high demand as decades-old nationwide infrastructure systems (roads, highways, tunnels and bridges) need to be repaired and renovated.

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Pharmaceuticals.  Web based ones. 

Once the crisis passed watch all the currently stricken ones bounce back.  Airlines (there may be less of them so the remaining ones will be operating at higher capacity).  Food and drink (likewise).

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Nuclear energy will prevail.

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Nuclear energy will prevail.

How do you work that out? Only 9 reactors were running and producing less than 5% of total power. Power companies have spent billions updating their nuclear plants. But 20 reactors are not worth updating and will be decommissioned.

More recently because both Kyushu power and Kepco power failed to update their reactors to anti terrorist attacks by the dateline set by the NRA now have to shut down our reactors, two each until they are updated.

I think nuclear energy in this country is over.

But the 9 mainland power companies are some of the most powerful in the country and it would be unthinkable that any of them would sink.

Japan needs a smart grid system and the money would be better spent on that.

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Eikaiwas.This will pass eventually.

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Fast Food of course. Got to keep up the belly spread with the rest of the world

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In the U.S. all industries will weather this, as the federal government is spending trillions to bridge the gap over the coming months, and when this virus has been brought under control the U.S. economy is going to take off. like never before.

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I said Zoom would do well, and my post gets deleted? Can the moderators please do some basic research and learn what Zoom is? Yes, it's a remote conferencing services company.

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Videogames. One of the few remaining escapes that won't put you or your loved ones at risk of infection.

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Videogames One of the few remaining escapes that won't put you or your loved ones at risk of infection.

Have you read 'Snow Crash'? :)

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n the U.S. all industries will weather this

To be expected from those who long downplayed the severity of the virus. How have those virus related predictions turned out?

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Online English classes. But if almost everyone else suffers economically, there won't be any students who can afford to pay though.

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