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Which industries or companies do you think are thriving during the pandemic?


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From what I can see in our place, it would be groceries, convenience stores and third-party delivery services like Grab Food. But I am also seeing a lot more individuals setting up small businesses and gigs such as they'll do the groceries for you, sell you home-cooked meals and wash your laundry. Necessity is indeed the mother of all invention.

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According to today's Japan Today, video game producers.

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Amazon, Yamato delivery, toilet paper manufacturers, mask manufacturers, condom manufacturers.

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Simply ask the members of the Diet. There's a great number of them profiting off of this pandemic.

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Lawyers... A great number of older people in the UK have recently decided that now is a good time the finally get that will written up. No, I am not joking.

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The best spot to be in right now is a bankruptcy lawyer. They are one rung above the grim reaper on popularity.

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Delivery services, online gaming, networking companies, especially VPN and video conferencing, drug makers, protective gear makers of any sort - good and bad masks, plexiglass for physical separation.

It isn't THAT hard to look towards the future 3, 6, 12, 24, 36 months and plan which sectors will be likely to do well. I wouldn't buy any nursing home stock myself. The ventilator shortage will end in a few months, so after this boom period, will be a huge downtrend, unless that equipment fails after a few months of use. I get the feeling it is more like a fridge than a laundry sheet.

If you want to be a little wild, perhaps home grooming tools will do well this quarter? I know that I really, really, need a haircut.

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