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Which Japanese and foreign celebrities are you tired of seeing, hearing or reading about?


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Any "talent" on Japanese TV who is simply a "talent" by virtue of being overweight and/or a transexual.

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any and all of them. News shouldn't distract us with celebrity reporting. Instead it should be informative about the global state of affairs, climate change, and other important things that affect us daily. celebrity news is nothing more than a smokescreen. other people's personal lives are none of our business- even if they are celebrities.

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kawabegawa198, I also used to hate him but if you actually listen to what Matsuko says, you will realise its not because of his/her weight or crossdressing, but because he is incredibly witty and a straight-talker. He is now probably one of the few comedians who i will intentionally watch on TV. There are much worse 'talents' out there who are famous only for one-line gags or childish behaviour.

Two that come to mind are Tomio Umezawa, famous for joking about all the times he has cheated on his wife, And sunshine ikezaki whose entire comedy routine is based around screaming random words at the top of his lungs. Get them both off TV please.

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I have to agree, Matsuko Deluxe is one of the few people on Japanese TV that doesn't make me want to immediately change channels.

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In Japan, the "owarai" with only one joke (so 99% of them).

In other countries, any "star of the moment" that is just suddenly everywhere because of one movie/song, and gets an article anytime he/she farts.

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All of them!

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All of them--in Japan and elsewhere--a pack of nonentities!

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Donald Trump

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Don't watch TV so I have absolutely no idea who is the flavor of the week.

But pressed for an answer, anyone thay just lives off the one joke.

That pen apple dude for example. Just reinforced the stereotype that Japanese can't speak English imo.

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Any "comedian" whose sole claim to fame is to react in a "funny" way to being hot over the head by an inflatable mallet or an exploding pen; ones that shout words at the camera; ones that are filthy rich and show off their wealth, so yeah, most if not all Japanese "comedians".

Oh, and Kanye West and his parody of womanhood wife

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Anyone who is described as a 'talento'.

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Of the foreign ones, all the ones who lecture us about politics and who to vote for.

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Nah...the foreign guys...anyone who sells out and plays to the stereotype.

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Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, Justin Beiber and Kanye West just to name four.

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None of them. If I'm tired of them, I just switch off or ignore them.

More important things in life to consider.

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