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Which professions do you think are recession-proof?


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NHK Collecting.

Subway drivers.

Koban inhabitants.

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Farmers generally do well even in depressions. Services for the very wealthy, especially high-end security services do OK.

Cheap "luxuries" like donuts do OK as well. Even poor people want to splurge on something. Ditto for cheap entertainment - people want something to take them away from reality.

Repair services are likely to see increased demand, as people can't afford to replace things.

Funeral homes will see some reduced spending, but no reduction in the number of customers. Can't avoid dying.

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Undertakers and bureaucrats.

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If entrepreneur is a profession, I'll say entrepreneur, then add police and fire personnel.

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I think entrepreneur is a lifestyle more than a profession.

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The Military Industrial Complex. When there's a recession, there's nothing like a unjustified war to make sure their profits continue.

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In Western Europe, homeland security.

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Civil servants/bureaucrats. Politicians. Any religious leader who collects offerings that are exempt from taxes.

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ladies of the night

Sadly not. The recession increases supply (more women who need money) and reduces demand (fewer men with money to spend).

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Public Safety. Society will always need cops and firefighters.

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In some countries, academia and even police and fire services are victims of austerity.

Which professions do you think are recession-proof?

Unfortunately, LDP politicians, with their eye-watering profligacy.

3 ( +6 / -3 )

Anything in the public sector, especially in Japan. Kasumigaseki will never go on an expense diet, regardless of how bad Japan's recession becomes (and yes, it's coming).

1 ( +4 / -3 )

Just because someone manages a whore house doesn't mean they don't understand basic economics. Supply increases and demand shrinks... so they lower the prices and the business is back on track.

Well, of course. Which means less money all around - and certainly less money for the women.

At some point, no matter how corrupt the politicians are, salaries will be cut and government workers will be laid off. People who can offer basic essential skills and services will always be able to make something. That pretty much leaves laid-off government bureaucrats out in the cold.

Most elected politicians, though, will always have their hand in the cookie jar - no matter how bad things get.

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Teaching and chefing; the only things I know how to do for this reason.

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There is only one profession that comes "close" to recession proof.... if there is anything that can be called as recession proof...


The only other that comes to mind is being a THIEF... although it may not be called a profession.

And BOTH are not that different in character and nature in today's society. (in a negative sense)

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Grave-diggers, undertakers, morticians and funeral directors, etc, etc (did you get my drift?)

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

Prime Minister of Japan

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

Many civil servants have lost their jobs under neoliberal regimes in good and bad times, and yet the price of government just seems to go up as private contractors end up costing more.

The super-rich investors and top corporate class don't even know what a recession is.

Tax accountants who find tax loopholes seem pretty recession proof. Or loan sharks.

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A guy who can get stuff.

I was trying to think of every post-apocalyptic movie and they all have the pawn shop guy, the character that deals in trades and what not. That weaselly guy.

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Critics.... they get payed even though nobody likes them....

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No job is completely recession proof. however. While some jobs are more resistant than others, it is often what employees do and the ways they make themselves valuable and even indispensable that ensures their continued success, even in a turbulent economy. On the other hand the only recession proof income is one you own and have control, preferably drawn from a variety of sources so it is not too dependent on any one sector or on the doomed expansion of marginal debt and asset bubble.

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haircutting & plumbing!

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Doing work that nobody else will do (see article about businesses that clean up apartments after "solitary deaths").

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A racing driver

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As Carter USM once sang, "The undertakers and the bailiffs and the heavy mob.... are the only ones around here with a steady job"

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Surprised nobody has mentioned the field of medicine. That's generally recession proof and easy to change jobs.

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Drug dealing.

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vacuum truck drivers / operators & prostitution

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