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Which professions, other than politics, do you think have the biggest liars?


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Lawyers, Police, and Doctors.

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practically none.

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Weather forecasters. I have never seen them admit a mistake. They go on merrily like they never made one.

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Professional conmen.

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Cops and Lawyers

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In the case of the drunken boy racers who killed four members of a five member family, their lawyer argued with a straight face that his client was reaching for his sunglasses at night and didn't see the other car.

One wonders how these people can look at themselves in the mirror.

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Journalists - usually through omission, subjective fact-selection, or wording that subconsciously leads a reader on. And when those fail, they just plain lie.

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Real estate agents

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All religions, assuming we say that lying is not telling the real truth.

State security organizations. NSA, FBI, CIA, KGB, GCHQ, MI-5, MI-6, and all those in every other country claiming to protect us.

Journalists, but I think they do it often without realizing it. Every article title with "May" is a lie. Y may cause cancer. Z may prevent heart disease. All these are click-bait. Pigs may fly without help, is just a valid a headline. Wish that journalists would learn that correlation does not equal causation. Stories with just facts are too boring, I guess?

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Pharmaceutical company executives

4 ( +5 / -1 )

Journalists are high on my list. I've always naively trusted the news to be more or less accurate, but whenever they report on something that I happen to know something about or something happening in my area they seem to get it horribly wrong 100% of the time, or they give an amateurish and incomplete story. At some point you start wondering whether the same is true for every single story they report. It wouldn't be so bad if there was a disclaimer at the end of every story saying '... but we could be wrong on this.'

As far as lawyers, I don't understand why they are seen as being so dishonest by the general public. It's their job to spin an alternative version of events to test the evidence. This isn't dishonesty. Anyone who doesn't understand this probably has a poor understanding of history and the tenets of western society. Lawyers don't go around lying to their own clients (like a real-estate agent might do to get a sale).

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Investment advisors.

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stock brokers, lawyers

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Oh. That is easy. Prostitutes. Beauticians. Religious leaders. We pay them to lie. We pay them to make us feel better about things that are not going to get better. And the better they are at lying, the more successful they are. And their clients love them for it.

Politicians. You know. Politicians always have to lie to SOMEBODY. The good guys lie to someone else to get benefits for their benefactors, presumably their voters. The bad guys are the ones who are running a con where they lie to get elected and get benefits for some guy behind the curtain. It is a subtle difference, but an important one. I can accept Hillary Clinton getting elected and then signing TPP because it is the right thing to do for everyone. Trade prevents war and other unpleasant uncontrollable things. I can't accept somebody promising a great America that lynches minorities. Even if that person keeps a promise.

Stockbrokers and salesmen are pretty bad. They do not act in the best interest of their clients. Once everybody knows that, they are pretty harmless though.

And let me close with one thought. To a truly ignorant person, everyone is a liar because an ignorant person has no idea what the truth is. Am I right? My advice to anyone who feels beset by liars is to take some time to learn the ugly truth about yourself first. It would be a good start. Gullible people are often lazy, proud, slothful, avaricious, wrathful. Con men can spot self deluded people a mile away.

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AH, there it is. We just finished an election where the victorious party campaigned on their imagined inherent superiority to other groups of people, and the next qestion essentially boils down to "Which careers are morally inferior to yours." Because god forbid we have to look at other humans complexly. Let's just invent a philosophocal framework that spares us from ever having to think about if we're not the best.

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Police and thieves. In the street.

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Receptionists in eikaiwa schools must top the list.

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Bankers. ESL marketers.

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Top 3 : Managers. Realtors. Politicians.

To a truly ignorant person, everyone is a liar because an ignorant person has no idea what the truth is. Am I right?

On the contrary, the blissfully ignorant person doesn't know he/she is lied to. When the boss says : "Nobody gets a pay raise this year because sales are so bad, profits dropped...", the people that feel the most disgusted are the accountants that calculated sales and profit raises and also know the managers salary+perk package are clearly higher than the previous year, etc.

As far as lawyers, I don't understand why they are seen as being so dishonest by the general public. : You are not that general public that does not understand ? In my language we say "avocat marron" (brown avocado) to express that they are rotten inside. It is not because they did not reveal things that could be used against their client (that is fairplay) but, for instance, because of illegal bullying (spreading rumors and lies about persons that are in their way...). But I don't believe that's so common. I mean the lawyers for the super-rich crooks and mobsters have the time and means to do that. The countless lawyers that work for average persons really spend the minimum of time on cases and don't bother organizing a smear campaign against your ex or against that neighbor that damaged your wall.

Large corporate Insurance companies for starters.

Yes, but it's not the persons. I think there are industries that are systematically organized to cheat people. Insurances that need to get millions signing in for getting no real coverage in exchange. Also big pharma that needs to sell mostly ineffective (if not harmful) stuff. Tobacco, alcohol and junk food industry too needs to keep promoting junk.

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advertising and marketing agents

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Police, lawyers (a given), anyone in the 'health' industry, salespeople... Probably every single profession there is.

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I have to agree about journalists. Like lawyers, journalists profit from crime, bloodshed and strife. Were it not for CNN and the other networks camping out in Ferguson, there would have been no riots there. As far as the news is concerned, the more blood, tears, and torn flesh, the more viewers and the more money they will make. I can't help but think of Joe Walsh, and the song "Dirty Laundry".

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In agreement with some, real estate agents; used car dealers.

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Police next, then lawyers, car salesmen, stock brokers, car repair shops, bartenders (always agree with what you say) athletes, realtors and telemarketers

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Companies which dispatch ALTs. They'll offer a job with a certain set of conditions. When you say "yes" they get to work on changing the conditions. Then when you show up to sign the contract, it is completely different. I was offered a job which was supposedly going to "finish at 2 PM 80% of the time." The reality: I finish at 2 PM only about 20% of the time. Corksuckers.

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Those tarento on TV who always say Oishiii!

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The media is by far the biggest. We're it not for media lying, socialism would have died off long ago.

Anyone else in government. It is not just politicians. The typical government employee is just as skilled at lying as the politicians.

actors but as one actor once described his procession, actors are basically professional liars, since what they do is make something not real appear to be so.

Religions. Since religions are the original governments and they are also the original media propagandists, they are just as bad as the government, media and politicians which evolved from religious institutions. Just look at their history.

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Journalists. Their entire job rests on the ability to create stories out of thin air. In fact, that's why they call them news "stories" they are made up.

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Credit rating companies as Standard & Poor, Moody's etc.....

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Investment bankers. credit rating agencies and subprime lenders. We all continue to pay a heavy price for their deceit.

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If Clergyman counts as a profession, then that would absolutely take the top spot. Aside from that; Lawyers, Salesmen, State-owned Media Journalists, PR Agents, Bankers, Corporate Executives (or anyone in a high managerial position really), Police, Plumbers and Electricians.

Oh, and I almost forgot one more: Chinese Military Spokesperson. Has one ever told the truth? "This land reclamation project is about agriculture and housing development." Oh really? So explain the military radars and missile batteries. You don't grow crops with Anti-air/Anti-ship missiles.

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Game developers, mobile phone sales staff, real estate agents

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For those who said clergymen, I am curious what personal experiences you have had to make you think so. I agree with many of the comments above: real estate agents, lawyers, politicians, used car salesmen and more.

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