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Which sports, when they are played well, do you find the most exciting to watch, and which sports do you find so boring that you can't understand how anyone could find them interesting?


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Many sports are great to watch, but I don't think you can beat a really good game of soccer.

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To watch : Tennis - but I prefer to play... I adopted (a long time ago) the "Nike" motto : "Just do i!"

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I think rugby league is the most exciting. I used to like rugby union but there are too many stoppages. I think some track and field events are exciting, such as the 100-meter dash. At the end of the scale, rhythmic gymnastics baffle me; NFL also has too many stoppages. I enjoy playing golf but I think it is dull to watch. Same for cricket.

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Soccer rocks! Not so much American football, I think.

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Snowboarding and swimming competitions I find the most exciting to both watch and compete. Volleyball too I enjoy watching.

Baseball and soccer (in that order) I find them extremely boring to watch. I cannot even begin to understand why people like them so much.

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Most exciting = American football.

Most boring = long-distance running.

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The only thing that can beat a football game is probably a futsal game. When played by nearly-pro players, it's amazing of technics and fun... But I won't watch more than half an hour of it at a time.

As for the less pleasing to watch, it's basically all modern sports adapted to TV standards, with commercial breaks everytime: US football, NBA, NFL ... Which does not happen at the Olympics, and that's one o the reasons why Ice Hockey is so amazing to watch at the olympics !

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Most boring: Baseball.

I'd rather watch snails racing.

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Football and Rugby League and Union. Tennis is always a good watch too.

I know it has a lot of fans, but I'd rather pay a fine and get punched in the face than watch Baseball. Basketball is unwatchable for me too

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Good - Football. Rugby. Cricket. Motorcycle racing. Snooker. Bad - Marathon. Baseball. Shooting. Cycling.

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I forgot basketball! Definitely up there when it comes to "most boring".

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Good to watch: 20-20 cricket & Rugby League Bad: Rugby Union & American football (too many stoppages), baseball (ongoing stoppage)

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All sports played at top level can be exciting to watch if there is skill, tension and close scores.

But for skill, power, speed and spectacle - Austrlian Rules Football. The players are the supreme athletes of ball sports.

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Ice hockey, wrestling (freestyle) and boxing.

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Well baseball is by far the most boring. Followed very closely by NFL.

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Nothing cures insomnia like watching tiger woods playing golf.

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Sumo is #1 for me. Then American football. Boring.... Golf and cross country skiing. :)

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Vanilla or chocolate ice cream? Which is your favorite? Everyone has an opinion. Some people prefer football (soccer) and some people prefer American football. Some people like rugby, tennis, volleyball, or badminton. It's all personal preference.

For me, I like watching American football, tennis, badminton, golf (mainly because my father likes it, and I like to spend time with him), and the last few minutes of a close basketball game. Baseball and football have slower game play types. I prefer watching sports on television versus in person.

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good to watch, Football, but a good game of football where the stakes are high, eg an EPL game or a champions league match, also Tennis ATP, not WTA, has to be on a blue court eg the US open series Australian open etc, can't see the ball properly on the dirt..As for the most boring, cricket and curling.

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Exciting - a good hockey or lacrosse game.

Boring - baseball, golf.

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I forgot to mention "horse racing" - but I also love to ride. I used to teach skiing and enjoyed ice-skating - I can't really say I enjoy "watching" any sports... "to each his/her own" !

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As an individual sport: Surfing. Have a look at the highlights from the Fiji Pro which finished yesterday to get a feel.


Courage, skill, finesse, control, commitment, power, tactical nous....over about 2 foot of water, over a sharp tropical reef.

Team sports - Soccer's World Cup.

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Exciting: hockey, soccer, tennis, rugby, most short races (swimming, running, skiing, etc.).

Boring: golf (even the commentators fall asleep), F-1 racing (sadly, the only exciting part for many people is when there are accidents, and I don't want to watch that), sumo (they should cut coverage to all but the start to finish of the actual wrestling, which would leave said coverage to under one minute for an entire basho), long races like marathons, curling, equestrian, sports like darts, billiards, and bowling.

Borderline: baseball (more fun to participate in the game or the stands than to watch the actual game), figure skating (the actual routine isn't all that fun -- just the competition element of it).

I'm forgetting a bunch, but oh well.

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I gotta say that I have never met anyone who really likes watching judo. For me it is one of the mysteries of life how anyone watches pro-wrestling. It is neither sport nor credible performance.

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Any sport that you arent a fan of or dont understand is going to seem boring to watch so this is kind of a subjective question.

A lot of people are saying baseball, but personally that is my favorite sport to watch. If you arent a fan then yeah, watching a game is going to be boring but if you have a team to root for it can be quite exciting (especially at the stadium and with beer). The fact that the action is broken up between pitches is actually quite useful - you can drink, chat with friends, etc during the down time and then focus on the pitch when it comes. You arent meant to keep your eyes glued to the playing field to follow lengthy stretches of continuous action like in Soccer or Hockey so if you approach the viewing experience with the same set of expectations you`ll just get frustrated and bored (same I think holds true for American football or even Sumo).

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rainyday: You're right that it's going to be largely subjective, but you still can't deny there is far less going on in your average baseball game than in most sports. I used to play it, and if you have a good pitcher half the game is just you jogging out to the field and standing there, literally. With soccer or hockey they are all constantly moving (well, goalkeepers/goalies aside), and when the action gets close to the goal/net it's incredibly exciting with all of the players (save defense on the opposite side) hustling for the ball. As you said, it IS fun to mingle with others in the crowd, drink, chant, and do what have you, so as part of the overall experience that is fun -- but it's not 'watching' the sport.

Ultimately, though, it is indeed up to you what you like and choose to watch.

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Soccer is boring. Someone said it is like watching rice grow. Back and forth, back and forth, almost no scoring. Some games end 0-0. If they would widen the goal posts it could become more interesting. Same for hockey.

Curling is very dull to watch; is it a sport?

NBA is the most exciting. Running, dribbling, jumping, scoring--the best athletes in the world playing the most difficult sport (as stated by Sports Illustrated). If soccer were as popular in the U.S. as basketball, the U.S. would dominate in the world. That is because black athletes have more physical talent than any other race, and that is on display in basketball.

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sports are only boring if you dont understand them take cricket for example, there are thre different versions, test cricket being the slowest but can be very exciting if the game is close played over 5 days, 20/20 cricket is very fast paced with a lot of big hitting and the fastest version of cricket played over a few hrs. not to mention its the second most popular team sport in the world for the amount of people that play it after Soccer/football

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Exciting: F1 on tracks like Monza, Spa and Silverstone. MotoGP and a lot of other motorsports can be pretty watch-able as well.

Boring: F1 on tracks like Monaco and Suzuka.

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I pretty much love watching all sports.

Unfortunately the Olympic sports that Japan likes are the ones I like less - Table Tennis, Wrestling and Judo for example. Rather than watch events going on we get subjected to re-runs of Judo all day.

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Oz Rules and UFC

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Football hands down for me as the most exciting.

The most boring?

'The English are not a very spiritual people, so they invented cricket to give them some idea of eternity'

George Bernard Shaw. Clever man.

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When played well, I prefer basketball (as the just-concluded NBA finals demonstrated) and hockey. Most boring, easy, cricket, and NASCAR racing.

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I'm pleased to find so many negative reactions to baseball.

Debussy, apparently, went to see the first performance of Wagner's Ring Trilogy. When asked by a reporter what he thought of it, he replied, "It has wonderful moments. I just couldn't stand the half hours in between."

Baseball is like that.

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Baseball is getting a hard time here. I agree it's incredibly dull but at least it's over in a few hours unlike cricket which tortures for up to five days. As a far from patriotic person who happened to be born in England, I have to say some English people provided something truly beautiful in football but some also created an unforgivable outrage in cricket. I'll blame the Scots for golf and anything involving snow or ice is just a half-arsed and unsuccessful distraction from a shitty climate.

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Can't agree with you more about cricket.

There is not the incessant single bar "melody" that gets played way beyond nauseum and yelling of the crowd that accompanies Japanese baseball. In fact, you'd know it was a cricket game, even with no commentary, by the interminable silences and limp-wristed applause.






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I actually went to a cricket 'match' in England where I got absolutely plastered along with everyone else trying to relieve the boredom and ended up going to a nightclub with some equally plastered ladies we met at this piss-up. I got the feeling that was the point of this 'spectacle'. Why they televise it is beyond me.

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Baseball is awesome, great American past-time. Ever watch "甲子園" (high school baseball tournaments) every August? These young ball clubs play with their hearts & souls. Some of them end up pro either Japan or US. Playing ball in MLB and making way more than soccer players.

NBA/NFL are even more exciting. Last but not least, MMA -if you consider that a sport.

By the way, hitting a fast ball @ over 95+mph with a baseball bat, is one of the hardest things to do in sports.

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The greatest spectator sport in the world is undoubtedly AFL.

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Hockey, hands down. The speed of the game cannot be matched. Soccer can be exciting if the players don`t take dives every five seconds.

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Without a doubt, Cricket, Curling, Equestrian, Golf and Baseball are the absolute worst sports in my opinion. The best Soccer, (American) Football, Rugby, Hockey, Snowboarding and any Martial Arts.

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Love rugby, Motor racing (F1 and Touring Cars)

Worst sports... where to begin? American football, golf, baseball, cricket, badminton, tennis, basketball, proper football (soccer to Colonials)... too many dull and uninteresting sports out there to list.

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