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Which video streaming services do you think are the best and why?


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None. Resolution goes low after few mins even after paying for highest quality.

Therefore, either Theatre or download the high quality and watch on big Oled screen.

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I'm a netflix man myself.

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I'm quite content with Youtube

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I use Amazon Prime with no problem. Occasionally the picture has poor resolution but 99% of the time it is fine.

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Netflix. Use the 4K stream here no problems (my settings are set to 4K default for said programmes)- my area has excellent Internet speed/coverage, so BackPackingNepal - you might want to investigate better service in your area.

Also run a VPN through a flash router and thanks to a friend in the US have access to ESPN, NBC Sports etc. The quality is VERY good.

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The movie selection on Amazon Prime in Japan is very poor compared to what you get in the UK.

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WWE. Where else can watch the Mega Powers entire saga? And ECW.........

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