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Who do you think will light the Olympic cauldron at Friday night's Tokyo Olympic opening ceremony?


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By the looks of things (no public, no sponsors, nobody) to keep things "safe" and with everybody blatantly afraid for their health/lives...Err, Hatsune Miku?

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best part of these so called olympics will be their end.

if this happened this weekend no one will cry or care at all,except greedy money related politicains and "sponsors"...

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Couldn't say. We are in a pandemic and haven't been following it.

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If it weren't limited to past and present athletes, I'd say either Abe or Ishihara!

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Dont care...get this cursed thing over with.

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Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

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Of course I strongly hope no one, and this virus super spreading event is canceled beforehand. What else could someone ever think of who is still clear minded?

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the Japanese prime minister wearing a Luigi costume! In all honesty though, I'd rather have someone wearing a Pikachu costume to run and light that torch than to see anyone not meaningful enough

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Naomi Osaka. A good statement for the fight against xenophobia. Made on a stage that brings more cultures and countries together than any other apart from earth itself. How ironic then the Olympics are in Japan

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How fitting to ask someone who has close to no recollection of living in Japan and close to zero Japanese speaking skills.

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How about that bear at the softball game in Fukushima?

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I know it is usually an athlete but I'd like to see a group of health care workers who have been on the front line battling the coronavirus for the past 18 months, light the cauldron.

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Pico Taro, of course!!

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I personally would love to see former PM Abe jump out of a Mario costume and light it up. It would make people smile and realize we are getting over this tragic pandemic with a smile.

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Kitajima Kosuke

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If Japan wants to get with the times, they'll have a transgender Ainu light it, who will then give everyone a lecture about climate change.

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Hyde, of course, with the debut of some new song.

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Wow! ‘What a prediction!’ @3:00am Ami: “Hyde, of course, with the debut of some new song.” -

*“ENTERTAINMENT Today: HYDE special concert to be held at Heian Shrine in Kyoto” Today 6:00am -*

(btw: “Welcome” to JT.) - Looking forward to more of Your ‘insights’.

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Vegas is giving 100 to 1 odds on it being Naomi Osaka lighting the cauldron. - We’ve place that bet and will check the result in the morning. Enjoy your Olympics, Tokyo.

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Hello Zichi, I wanted to comment that the Beatles moved to France for filming videos because of the taxes, but you put it right into perspective

A song by a rich white guy about socialism he never accepted and move to the USA to avoid paying taxes in the UK to support socialised medical, etc ..

In the 1960s and 1970s, the Beatles, the Stones, Rod Stewart, Davie Bowie were all paying 95% tax.

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