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Who gets your vote for the three most hated companies in the world?


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Softbank, Johnny's Jimusho, and the property management firm in Tokyo that handled my previous apartment (!!!!)

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Companies that claim to put the short-term interests of shareholders above every other human role can't help but be evil and therefore should be disdained by decent, moral people.

One that comes immediately to mind is Monsanto. Another that I won't have anything to do with is WalMart.

The third deserves special mention because it's not well known: Intellectual Ventures. Founded by former Microsoft executive Nathan Myhrvold in 2000, IV is what is known as a "patent troll" company. They produce essentially nothing but lawsuits. They are complete scum in every sense of the word.

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Disney (corny and phony), McDonalds (bad food) and AIG (greedy and lecherous) are on top of my list

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Dunno about the rest of the world, but Tepco definitely makes the list in Japan.

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Monsanto, Tepco, and BP

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Monsato and Walmart are two for me. Tied for third are Johnnys and Avex who have been torturing me ever since I got to Japan with an endless stream of absolutely abominable and vacuous music acts that are omnipresent on TV, in shops, everywhere. :)

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Any pachinko. Disney and any japanese music company.(just for producing endless crap "music")

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Tepco, JT & Chinese companies owned / managed by the Red Army

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Union Carbide deserves a mention, for causing the world's worst industrial accident, for continuing to lie that it was sabotage by a rogue employee (conveniently dead), and for ensuring that senior execs never faced justice.

UC's side of the story is here:


and current owner Dow obligingly links to those lies from their own website, while assuring you that they have no responsibility for the (sic) "incident"/"tragic event".


Here's another way of looking at it:


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I too will go with,

Monsanto, Tepco, and BP but not sure of the order?

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Apple,. Google and Monsanto with Google and Monsanto the biggest danger to the general public.

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Monsanto, Wallmart, and BP

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The Vatican

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AIG, Walmart, BP .

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Tepco: Obvious.

Uniqlo: Uses Bangladesh sweat shops, profits before people

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Monsanto, Walmart, and Monsanto.

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

Glencore. How to rape poor countires of their wealth and distribute the proceeds to the rich - transfer pricing. And whoever produces AKB48.

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Apple (stupid overhyped products), Rosneft (thief of Yukos assets) and all solar energy companies

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There are many but Tepco and Microsoft would be right up there along with Haliburton and that other S#!tbag company that was creaming it in Iraq till they got caught, cant think of its name right now.

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The wosrt of the big ones: Monsanto. Tepco, WalMart...

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monsanto, TEPCO, Apple

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

I'm with @FalseFlagSteve -

Google / Facebook - most people have NO idea how dangerous all that data is. Apple - any "walled garden" is a danger. People are locked in and don't seem to care. Monsanto / other drug companies - gouging humans for medicine and food just seems wrong. Monsanto has converted food into "drugs".
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Great posts, everyone. Where to begin...?

News International, or whatever Rupert Murdoch has chosen to rebrand his mass manipulation empire.

Abercrombie & Fitch an example of fashion and cosmetics firms exploiting humanity's need to be loved.

Coca Cola, as an example of Big Food cynically poisoning us with sugars and other dangerous additives.

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Halliburton, News Corp, McDonalds.

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It's got to include a tobacco company (like JT). I avoid buying any drinks made by that company.

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Not my vote, but I am always surprised by the venom you can feel within opinions expressed regarding Sony, MacDonalds and Toyota.

Often success can set you up as a target, as in the case of Nike or Microsoft.

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Microsoft! The only company that periodically forces me to pay for downgraded products.

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Interesting topic and good posts. I can't narrow it down to 3 specific companies, but any company that exploits the poor to make the rich richer, or puts profits before people (pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, tobacco companies, many clothing companies) is morally bankrupt.

It's not a company, but the whole business of politics is rotten to the core.

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NHK which is planning to force you to pay abusive fees if you have smartphone and TEPCO x 2

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Of all of the thousands of largge companies it is striking how many of the same names figure on the lists above. Monsanto because they do GM food? TEPCO obvious. BP? Because of Gulf accident? Walmort? Buying from China?

I would have thought arms dealers (e.g. BAE or Lockheed) would make some lists. No booze companies (e.g. Diageo or Pernod-Ricard)? No Google or Facebook?

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Johnny's (+ all associated advertisers) Yasushi Akimoto (not technically a company, but AKB48 is beyond torture)(+ all associated advertisers) Softbank (awful advertising campaigns, zero reliability in their "service")
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NTT, Tepco, Microsoft

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Microsoft, Walmart and BP.

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Olympus, Nomura (Finance) and Tepco.

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Any company, no matter where they're from, that blatantly destroys the environment

Any company, no matter where they're from, that blatantly puts the workers and/or general public at risk because of corporate greed

Any company, no matter where they're from, that is a drain on taxpayers money

Yeah, then I'll get all cranky about tech companies and chain stores, sheesh

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Halliburton group, Tepco and Mcdonalds in no particular order for me

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My vote is for Monsanto. Buy their seeds (which do not produce seeds, so you need to buy more every planting season), buy their fertilizer (their seeds will not germinate without it) and buy their weed killer (it kills weeds but lets the crops live), if somehow their product ends up in your non-Monsanto field, you will probably be sued into oblivion or given the choice to becoming a customer of them and conform to the above. And... they are growing across the globe.

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Halliburton, Monsanto, TEPCO.

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Monsanto, Citicorp, BP

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

Google, SoftBank and Microsoft. Google is indeed the worst of them all, but most people haven't realized this yet. Other than that I would vote Twitter as number 2 but Twitter isn't even a company.

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