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Who makes the best chocolate in the world?


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Cadbury, ofcourse !!!

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It's a tie between the UK's Hotel Chocolat and the Swiss Lindt.

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I'm a Cadbury lover. I love their Snack, Turkish Delight, Coconut Rough and Black Forest bars. Swiss comes next and then Belgian.

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See's Candy & Chocolates.

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The best Chocolate is the one you grew up with, in my case Droste from Holland and Leonidas from Belgium.....

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Demel, then Lindt 85%

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Who? A little old man in a small confectionery shop in Brussels who's been making it for the past half a century - not sure of his name though.

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Belgian -- Neuhaus, among the better known brands.

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Galaxy from the U.K.

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Carlos Quinto!!! If you have never ever had good Mexican chocolate then you still do not know the yummy, yummy flavor meant only for the kings of the Aztec Empire! Our amigos from Europe must know that cacao beans grown in TROPICAL weather, ain't no tropical weather for growing cacao beans over in Belgium, Switzerland etc...right??

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Hands down from a chocoholic it's Belgium chocolate. It's a gastronomic treasure and you'll be spoiled the rest of your life although it's much less sweet than American chocolate. It leaves a clean feeling in your mouth and doesn't give you a sugar rush. After eating two or three chocolates there is no sugary, oily residue on your tongue. You feel refreshed and slightly perky. Belgium chocolate occupies a whole other plane of existence than the chocolate I'v e had anywhere else. So don't miss the indulgence if you visit this beautiful country.

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I do like the Bald guy, but its basically belguim recipe....so yes Belgium

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Yes, Elbuda is right - the Aztecs deserve all the credits.The finest cocoas come from Central and South America, the Caribbean and the islands of Madagascar and Papua-New Guinea.

The highest quality chocolate I came across is produced by a small German company called Rausch-Schokolade.com. Its taste and aroma is much better than that of the usual bulk cocoa. I love their chocolate sticks, especially the one from Ecuador. This is chocolate at its best, for true connaisseurs. After trying their chocolate, it will become impossible to like other chocolates. I like high quality when it comes to chocolate!

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The worst chocolate I've ever had was from Mexico - craptacular. Ingredients can be purveyed from anywhere, what the chocolatier does with them is what matters. My favorite mass-produced chocolate is Lindt.

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I'm looking for the chocolate that Tom Waits immortalises in song, the one he calls "the immaculate confection," the "Chocolate Jesus."

Surely there can't be any better than this.

If anyone knows where I can get one, please let me know.

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Most definitely not Japan. Cadbury is fairly good as is Lindt.

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Not saying best but not sure why local choclatiers being dissed on here. Chocolat de H in Roppongi Hills make some great chocolate. And there is also a place in Aoyama-dori (forget the name just now) that is excellent.

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The chocolate companies in Bruges, Belgium.

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Lindt, just ask Roger Federer!

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Willy wonka ,No question!!!

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Most definitely not Japan.

Actually Japanese chocolate is not only very good but very cheap. The fact you can get very palatable chocolate for about 100 Yen is wonderful. Ever tried Mary's chocolate, oh baby very nice from Japan but out of my regular eatin' price range. Milka is all good at the budget end.

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A really vague question, but for my money:

Mass-produced: Lindt Country: Germany (has anyone tried the special chocolates at the Christmas markets? Uniformly superb!) Best I've ever tasted personally: Small cafe in France that did hand-made chocolates, my favourite was the candied orange peel covered in chocolate.

Worst in the World (that I've ever tasted): Hershey's (so much sugar that it is actually crystallised in the chocolate... yuck!)

Warning signs of a bad chocolate? Any chocolate that lists sugar as its first ingredient rather than cocoa.

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What absurd comments here, the question is: "Who makes the best chocolate in the world?" The question is not, which is your favorite, because your mommy used to buy it for you....

Hersheys, even Cadburys.... Jesus! if you do a little research, the scratchy taste as in Cadburys is always the result of using cheapest ingredients. No problem that you love it, but that was not the question.

If you can afford it, try the black packets of Valhoron from Venezuela. And make sure you get a fresh one, this is Japan always the last one on any exporters list, as they will buy anything here, as long as it it is expensive. Remeber the craze about the vinagar called Beaujolais Primeur, every year? If you open the sealed packet of that chocolate in your kitchen, be prepared that your house will smell of freshley roasted cocoa for the rest of the day... To make their chocolate, they will use the roasted cocoa immediately at the same place to turn it into choclate.

The best of the "normal" ones is of course Lindt.

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Mary`s? nah!

Belgian chocolate all the way. Leonidas if we are talking a big name. Small family chocolatiers in Bruges are magically delicious.

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Hershey's! Just kidding. Grew up on it and have graduated since but it still has a special place in my heart.

-French Chocolate. Regulations prohibit the use of any vegetable or animal fat. They use only pure cocoa butter.

-Belgian chocolates.

-Swiss chocolates.

The above countries for sure have many excellent varieties to choose from if you can afford it.

The bang for your buck variety would be Ghirardelli out of San Fransisco.

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Nestle makes the very best chocolate.

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Perugina from Italy has some of the best chocolate in the world.

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