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Who serves the best-tasting French fries in Japan?


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The best french fries I had in my life (and that is why I keep going there) is at Akiyoshi. Akiyoshi is a yakitori place from Fukui. They have many restaurants all over Japan. The yakitori is awesome too. The fries are insanely GOOD. Please give em a shot! I'm surprised I found good fries at a yakitori place! Also Charcoal Green (in Yokohama!) they have awesome fries too!

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I like Freshness Burger's fries, followed by Wendy's.

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I have a soft spot for McDonalds. Personally I love the KFC fries, but you get so little for your money, I'd rather get twice-three times as much at McDonalds for the same price.

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I have a soft spot for McDonalds. Personally I love the KFC fries, but you get so little for your money, I'd rather get twice-three times as much at McDonalds for the same price.

KFC?!?!?!?? They're horrible!

Burger King or McDonalds.

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My mother in law

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@ Probie,

Where I live we don't have Burger King or Freshness Burger, or Wendys... I prefer the thicker fries, or "chips" to the shoestring variety, so that's why KFC.

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Lucky Pierrot in Hokkaido. This hamburger chain uses Hokkaido potatoes ... and do they ever taste good. Here in the Tokyo area I prefer MosBurger fries 'cause they bring them to the table piping hot. It depends on the McDonald's outlets for good fries ... and when the fries in the good places are hot they tend to be tasty.

T.G.I. Friday's also has good fries. Tony Roma's are good, too.

By the way ... I don't like salt on my fries. I prefer the natural taste of the potatoes fried in hot oil. Too much salt and all fries are the same ... too salty ...

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Cannot beet McDonald,s Fries,

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Technically they're not French fries, but Subway's oven roasted potatoes are way tastier and healthier than anything the other fast food places have.

"My mother in law"

She doesn't count, unless she's willing to make her fries for JT readers!

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@Zichi - what are your opening hours? :)

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Kuai A'ina has tasty fries

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@zichi Ah, Scouse chips - accept no substitute. My mum always insisted on King Edward spuds. Those skinny, greasy McDonald's things are a travesty of the food of the gods.

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My Grandmother went to McDonalds once in her life and never went back. She said "I hate those aul wee thin skittery chips"

Zichi's chips sound good.

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They're not French, and they're not fried. They're turned out on tiny little lathes in the slums of Brazil. And they're equally as bad for you. Seriously, though, you've hit an issue with me, so during my imminent visit to Japan, I will try a few of those places and compare them to the establishments where I get the real thing, here in Canada, or in the UK - chips in newsprint, with a splash of dark cider vinegar and a light sprinkle of coarse sea salt. Of course, I don't expect to find them anywhere in Japan, so I expect to teach a chef or two that I plan to meet just how to do it right.

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Me. Thick cut, twice fried, a little sea salt and white wine vinegar. Only improved by wrapping a few in a slice of bread and butter.

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When I was there it was TGIFridays in Roppongi-- hands down.

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Robuchon. If not there then one of 2 or 3 bistros around Azabu Juban/Roppongi.

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No one has mentioned them, but the fries at the New York Bar in the Park Hyatt are awesome! Not cheap mind you, but cooked in duck fat and just so good. Even the ketchup is better/real.

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Shoestring fries at The Great Burger Tokyo. Not to mention their burgers are right up there with the best I've ever had anywhere across the globe. I'd say they share my favorite burger top spot with Golden Brown. Both are in within walking distance of one another in Harajuku.

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Godan, you caught my eye with 'cooked in duck fat'. Must make time to head over to the Park Hyatt and try them for myself!

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Highly recommend them, Magnet. I would be very surprised if you were disappointed.

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I have to go with McDonalds. You might find an individual place here and there that has "better" potato-based snack, but with McD you know what you are getting. They have definitely 6 Sigma'ed the fry making process.

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Got to say McD are the worst fries available the are slop-chips and not tasty at all plus over-priced. My local food-courts offers a better quality, 4 times the volume, for under 300yen.

Give me good serving of fried potato-wedges, etc over them any time. McD offers a good hashed potato and fish sandwich at best.

But they can't compete with Excelsior Cafe which offers me a Cappuccino and a good sandwich for 400yenl

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