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Who will be affected the most by Osaka Mayor Hirofumi Yoshimura's decision to end sister-city relations with San Francisco after San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee authorized the city council's decision to accept the donation of a statue symbolizing comfort women that was built by a group of Chinese Americans and others?


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I do not see either San Francisco or Osaka being greatly affected by this. Commerce will go on as usual. The one person who will be most affected is Osaka's moronic mayor. By ipso facto denying this Japanese war crime and snubbing San Francisco he has disgraced himself, Osaka and Japan. One can only hope this will cause his downfall.

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Unfortunately Osaka's mayor shows up Japan's reputation as continually having no ability whatsoever to understand history. Everyone else not affected.

Who could be affronted with a reminder of a tragedy of history that should never be repeated? Only those that see themselves as villains. I would have hoped Japan no longer saw itself like that, and would instead support and take part in such events. To be a reminder that that way of thinking has no place in the modern world, would allow everyone to take a step forward.

That's a message that portends to be important

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No one will be affected

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Most affected will be the young people -- students who go on homestays, as well as those who go on cultural and sporting tours.

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Any gesture or action to memorialize the horrors of war and induce guilt feelings on every side for all the disgusting acts of humanity (The Peace Park in Hiroshima should tweak feelings of guilt in anybody with a conscience) should never be discouraged. Only people with a false consciousness who wrap themselves in their national piece of rag could possibly object. Sad!

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The taxpayers. They will no longer have to pay for expensive sister-city junkets that give city hall employees and politicians an excuse for a taxpayer funded holiday.

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Less uneducated tourists that don't see the wrong in South Korean's gesture and ethical apathy of San-Francisco's leading body? Retainment of moral integrity of Osaka's leading body? Really sounds like a win-win situation for Osaka. Of course be he a man of peace, not retarded history wars, he would have issued a warning that he is sad, and then completely forgot that statue happened. No damage to relations, no questionable joy for South Koreans. After all, they are doing it out of desire for attention, anything else is past the expiration date already.

Also why not "brother-cities"? Brotherhood is stronger, after all.

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No one is really going to be 'hurt'. Fact is, sister cities aren't really all that important. Yes, at the beginning, they encourage reciprocal visits, but those are for an elite few, and I can tell you for a fact that my city's sister city of Morioka hasn't seen any real improvement of relations, trade, or cultural exchange since they were connected about thirty years ago. In fact, when I tried to connect with Morioka's sister-city committee/association prior to a visit there, two years ago, I got nothing in response. Nothing. The whole concept is an arrangement for the few, and many of the few from my city no longer go to Morioka because they're getting too old and the local committee is failing to get new members. There are far better ways to connect with foreign cultures.

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Most people do not give a damn....

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I don't see why the U.S should be involved. I don't think its appropriate for U.S soil to become a battleground for this issue. Trump should tell the mayor to get rid of it. America should be trying to bring South Korea & Japan together, that's what's in America's interest, but of course this statue was created by Chinese Americans and whether they are acting in America's interest is extremely debatable, could be an outpost of the United Works Department.

If I was an American acting in the interests of the country, I would be tearing it down. I hope that is what becomes of it.

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It's about women, so expect lots of oppressed, hard done by males complaining about it and making it all about themselves.

They are the ones who will be most injured by this.

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Poor kids.

Next years exchange visits will probably be cancelled now.

And for what?

Grow up...man up...grow a pair!

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