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Who would you like to see become the next prime minister of Japan? (Sensible answers only please.)


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Environment Minister Koizumi Shinjiro. Japan needs younger blood to lead the country.

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Takashi Tachibana.

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Or noriko hama

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Journalist, Ms. Yoshiko Sakurai.

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Beat Takeshi. Celebs do well in charge.

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Anyone but the LDP. Edano maybe.

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One who will sacrifice economic growth now in the short term to handle the massive problems this country faces for long term growth and stability. Sacrifice now so generations from now do not have to deal with greater problems and suffering created by out of control growth which would create a loss and misery for the future.

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Who would you like to see become the next prime minister of Japan? (Sensible answers only please.)

Here's a sensible answer: who really cares what we foreigners living here think?

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Sensible answer?

Well, in reality it will be whoever is leader of the LDP on election day. The LDP is about to choose a new leader. It's a two horse race between between Kono and Kishida.

So a better question would be... Who do prefer for PM, Kono or Kishida?

Answer.... Give Taro Aso another term! Just for the fun of it!

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Nakatani san. He is skilled and could probably cover a wider number of different wings in the party itself, but also the society as a whole. I am always a bit sad that he doesn’t try to candidate.

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Hopefully, I want Kono-san to be a next prime minister of our country. First, he is relatively young compared to recent leaders, so he is not likely to resign in the middle of his terms due to health problem. Second, it seems that he is actively trying to connect with citizens, especially youths. That appears that he has a popularity from younger generations. Third, as a minister of administrative reform, he has been working on some matters which have been bothered workers such as hanko use. These ideas directly connects our daily lives compared to bigger projects which do not seem to be direct benefit to us. For these aspects, he has a potential to change the national affairs in a positive meaning.

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Let the Japan try either woman or celebrity from enterainment field this time. Or maybe just the interesting one, not dull.

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How can we give a sensible answer if there are no sensible options?

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I second @ZALD

Kono-san also won some respect points with me when he admitted that Japan bungled the vaccine roll-out by requiring Japanese trials, when people of Asian decent (including Japanese ex-pats in the U.S) had been included in the initial trials. He said something along the lines of "We should have just gotten on with it at that point. I regret that". To me, it was refreshing to hear a concise admission of regret from a politician.

Since the choices are realistically very limited to Kono-san and Kishida-san, I will have to go with Kono.

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Kono is an unattractive strutting peacock but on the other hand, being a ‘maverick’, he might actually get stuff done, which would be a breath of fresh air. Doesn’t hurt Japan (or the US) that he’s also pro-US.

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That buffoon.He's so inept as opposition leader as it is.

inept?? what do you call Abe and Suga then?

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Seiko Noda, for the sheer hell of it.

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