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Why are KitKats so popular in Japan? There are nearly 300 varieties on sale around the country.


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Because Japanese are agricultural people who like groups. Advertising therefore quickly spreads. Kit Kats are well advertised.

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Several varieties doesn't really mean that the brand is popular. It might also mean that the brand is in panic mode and is trying to sustain the tough market conditions and competition :)

Question is out of those 300 odd varieties how many actually persist in the market eventually? Thats the real indicator of popularity.

Nevertheless KitKat is an old household brand. Simple and neat packaging. Competitive and Affordable prices. No fancy jargons used in their marketing unlike several other brands.

And If I am not mistaken they are pioneers of chocolate biscuit?

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Because the gullible are superstitious (きっと勝つ), and it's one of the few luxuries many can afford with their instant noodles.

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because they are grossly overpackaged and give less for more!

4 little wafers now, with each two wrapped again in a second envelope.

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Take a Break - Take a Kit Kat!

Showing my age or what?

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Most of them taste bad

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I prefer Ice Cream

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I don't know why you got downvoted. Maybe the slight derogatory tone? But the reason you mentioned is probably right. The pun kitto katsu ("you'll surely win" in Japanese) has made it the go to cheap gift / good luck charm to give to anyone working hard toward something, whether it be an entrance exam, job hunting, sporting event, etc.

They also happen to taste pretty good.

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Simply put, it has to with their creative marketing strategy of increasing the number of new and unique variations of the KitKat then making their limited edition to not deter from the sales of permanent edition KitKats.

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Because having a whole four fingers in one go is good.

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Perhaps cause they try to adapt more to J taste and culture i.e green tea flavor etc?

Perso am more of a mars or toblerone guy which are perhaps too sweet for many J people.

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In my case, because they're delicious and a souvenir of childhood - I especially like the raspberry ones !

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Used to be 4 double length bars in one block, now it is 3 pairs of half length bars in separate wrappers. Follows the trend seen in the UK of packaging increasing, content decreasing, with the price unchanged or slightly higher. Some of the varieties such as 'Ichigo' (strawberry) and 'Classic' are great, but others seem to last just one season.

"Have a break, have a KitKat!"

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300 varieties? Really? There are about 3 varieties from what I've seen in the shops.

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↑Stewart is right, it seems that 90% of the average supermarkets only sell the standard, black chocolate and green tea versions, you'll have to go to Don Quijote, ジャパン, airports/bullet train stations or other tourist-oriented shops to see all the other 297 versions available. Just last week i bought the "pan cake" flavored Kit Kat at the Don Quijote in Umeda, approved.

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@Stewart Gale

300 varieties? Really? There are about 3 varieties from what I've seen in the shops.

Same for me ! The "Raspberry" ones usually disappear after "Cherry blossom season" so I got myself a small "stock" !

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Many Japanese snacks come I a huge variety of flavours but each flavour is limited to a certain. Area and not sold anywhere else.

Still want my Men's Piocky to come back.

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