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Why are most pedophiles men?


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Never thought I'd hear such a question from a news agency. But to answer this question, I think men are generally just more honest about their fetishes and are more likely to act on them while women probably have more self-control but probably have the same tendencies and fetishes.

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I think that speaking in general terms, more than men, women require some degree of emotional connection to enjoy sex. Crimes like this however are by definition do not have that emotional connection. My bro-science conclusion: less women will abuse small children than men, due to the requirement of more women for an emotional connection for sexual release.

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The testosterone driven male sex drive is very strong and if the compass is broken it can be terribly misdirected. I do not think reform is possible for these guys.

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Presumably it's connected to testosterone?

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Hey, aren't men and women supposed to be the same?

... but seriously, I agree it's the testosterone.

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Only God truly knows, but I think as some have posted, that it's the testosterone, and, also, since back in ancient times, men didn't really do child-rearing and can't give birth, and as such, may not feel as strong of a bond as women. He may even see the child as easy prey that he can scare to keep quiet or that no one will believe over him, and as such, is a vulnerable target.

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These kinds of questions are best answered by specialists.

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Are we talking genuine paedophiles or opportunists who, unable to achieve success with women their own age, prey on emotionally immature teenagers?

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one factor is that mens actions towards children are judged more critically than the same actions done by women. of course, that can't be applied to all cases but it's a crucial point in a discussion such as this.

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Why ask a question like this here?? Most people have no qualifications to answer this in question in depth. This is not something you can really have an opinion about - there are facts and data which experts in the field can reference, but for the everyday person it's just gonna be guesswork and assumptions.

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Why ask a question like this here?? Most people have no qualifications to answer this in question in depth. 


There are actually two questions

Are men more frequently sexually attracted to children than women?

Are men more likely to act on their sexual impulses than women?

I think the latter question can be answered - most likely yes. But the first question is trickier?

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who could seriously downvote my comment? don't abuse this system, please! think about it before clicking

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