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Why did Japan host a conference for Ukraine reconstruction when the country is still at war with Russia? Isn't it too soon to discuss reconstruction?


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I presume because repairing infrastructure needs to begin now to keep Ukraine in the fight. If countries are willing to help with that, more power to them.

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To secure early contract for Japan Inc, JGovt provide aid to that country, at the end it will go to Japan Inc.


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People don't like the idea of Ukraine having its infrastructure repaired and remaining in its fight for independence I guess.

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Reconstruction begins as soon as those willing to rebuild can do so, whether it be under fire from an invading neighbor or amid a harsh winter. If rebuilding is a challenge, imagine being those who lost their homes and forced to live in shelters while waiting for someone to rebuild their places. I would rather try and rebuild under unfavorable conditions than to wait for a perfect one later one. A saying from my home country is "what good is grass when the horse is gone".

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Because a timeline has been set, and will be adhered to.

Ukraine is not in a war with Russia because its in their best interests.

It is all about making many, many billionaires.

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Russia must be overjoyed that Japan is going to help with the reconstruction of what will Russian territory.

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Mr KiplingToday 11:09 am JST

Russia must be overjoyed that Japan is going to help with the reconstruction of what will Russian territory.

Even if that were true, there will be a lot of zinc coffins to compensate the west for its troubles.

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1/stop conflict talk about peace

1/stop conflict and talk about peace and Russian withdrawal.

2/once conflict is over talk about reconstruction

2/once conflict is over and Russian troops have gone home, talk about reconstruction.

3/ if in doubt about point 2 go back to point 1

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EastmanToday 04:50 pm JST

1/stop conflict talk about peace

Stop the assault by Russia unconditionally

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maybe they said its about reconstruction but in fact its discussion of what can be exchanged for what, of future trade ties and economic benefits. the reconstruction can be an easy excuse. of course the things Japan may be interested to help to reconstruct are presented as well but Im a skeptic when it comes to loud political announcements.

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Reconstruction discussions often begin before conflicts end. Months and years aren’t wasted this way.

It is probably good, however, to know how the conflict will end before discussing too much.

Or is this a signal, given recent events, that the outcome in Ukraine is all but certain?

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Because they want the MONEY!

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Before China gets it?

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I still don't understand, what does Japan has to do with Ukraine war. This is really a European / NATO issue!!.

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