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Why do people climb mountains in the middle of winter when there are blizzards, high risk of avalanches and poor visibility?


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People climb mountains because they love it - it is one of the most thrilling and enjoyable pastimes you can find. Just bear in mind that the weather up at those altitudes can change in a second, so ensure smart and thorough planning, the proper equipment, as well as setting up lines of communication and letting people know your location.

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Realistically risk-taking behaviors are complex but not mysterious and can mean different things to different people depending on how they interpret it. But in general our interest's on the dangerous edge of things is probably innate. Maybe these risk-seekers have impulses that are preprogrammed and linked to arousal with pleasure mechanisms that stimulate them to take risks and probably functions like an addiction or they just might have difficulty trying to derive meaning and purpose in everyday life because it's too boring, predictable, and safe. Therefore why not go for something that's hot, exciting and different like a adventurer type of activity or sport and take life to the limit.

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probably the thrill of it, but idk i dont climb mountains

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Mostly because they've booked their travel and accommodation and hate to waste their money, and/or look like wimps to other members of their group. The cancellation fees and embarrassment are here and now, the possibility of dying is still days away...

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They have the Darwin gene.

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Then they shouldn't let their risk adventures endanger our fire fighters and rescuers. and to me personally, our tax

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In summer, Japanese mountains are dense with brush and sasa. You have two choices: up, or down. In winter, you're above all this, literally, and the mountains have a lovely spaciousness and quiet. You can go in any direction. There are some mountains that can only be climbed in winter. Of course, there are risks to the lack of trails. Stick to the trees and you have little risk of avalance and more protection from winds. When in doubt, follow the yama-ski tracks. The oldsters really know the mountains.

I was out last weekend, and I saw a nuthach, some bul buls and a kogera woodpecker. Some Yezo deer, rabbit and Siberian fox tracks, too.

I'm not a risk-taker, but I do like to keep active in winter. There really is nothing like a winter hike. Pick up a pair of snowshoes for 6000 yen at Costco and get cracking.

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As I have read before ages ago, some mountain climbers who take life-threatening risks seem to have a death wish. The ones who seem to challenge Japan's snowy mountains in the middle of winter seem to be rather stupid. In TV interviews this past week, some of those rescued said they had heard bad weather was coming, but they didn't think it would be as bad as it was. If they knew it was going to be at least a little bit bad ... why didn't they wait until another time to do their risky climbing?

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...Oh yes ... forgot to say. If someone has to be rescued from snow-clogged mountains, they should be required to pay all costs for the rescue ... not the taxpayer or the local village.

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Because it's fun, challenging, exhillarating. And of course the dangers are pretty low for people who are competent and sensible.

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Taking risks is the essence of living. Why do we practice sports in ways which could potentially kill us? Because life is worth living intensely. Something which can be lost has true merit. Without the risk of loss, there is no real merit.

And yes - climbers should pay the full costs for their rescue, if they had taken the risks consciously. After all, it's a free choice which you should not take without proper awareness.

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Why? Because they do not understand the power of nature. Urban mythology has romanticized nature. That can only happen when you live most of your life protected from nature. It is romance that compels people to climb mountains under dangerous conditions. Too late do the unfortunate climbers understand that nature is not a romantic force.

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They are selfish idiots who don't care about the cost and danger off sending out other qualified climbers to save their sorry ar**s.

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just like climbing any mountain with snow, be prepared, know the weather and your limitations. I watched a Discovery documentary on climbing everest and the expedition leader was never afraid to call the climbers back if he felt the weather was getting worst. Smart people survive and experience the thrills, people not so clever unfort die.

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I should add that the visibility is better in winter from the peak than it is in summer.

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can't believe that nobody has said "because its there!" i do it so i can snowboard down!

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