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Why do you think drinks containing tapioca have become the latest rage in Japan, especially among young women?


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It definitely has a neat sensation when they come through the straw and explode into your mouth.

Wish I could find some good tapioca pudding like they have in NY City delis.

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Because they love to be a decade behind the rest of the world.

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It is white, creamy and sweet? Women love that.

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Tried it for the first time recently. Did not like it at all. Still, I can see the attraction. Too sugary and hard to use that straw. Oh, and Reckless, that is quite the sexist innuendo you slipped in there. Moderators, where art thou?

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Hardly the latest craze-it’s been around for Yoinks!

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Same reason why cupcakes were popular a few years ago and pancakes before that

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I don't think tapioca "explodes" in anyone's mouth, as has been mentioned above.

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Because they love to be a decade behind the rest of the world.

Certainly better than waking up with a bitter taste in the mouth every morning, like some miserable people living in Japan.

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Mostly, I think, because of its rice cake like texture with no taste. That's why tapioka perfectly matches any drinks. Badically, rice cake like texture used as in "mochi-mochi, " is widely prefered by Japanese, especially the young.

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I haven't found a good one here yet. When I buy one in the U.S. and Taiwan, the tapioca balls are sweet and easier to chew. I got a major sweet tooth.

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Probably because some D-grade celebrity tweeted about it on Instagram.

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