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Why do you think Facebook's stock failed to live up to the hype in its trading debut?


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Because its getting a very bad rep lately for its privacy violations.

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bad timing, making a debut when global markets are in turmoil...Dow down, TSE tumbling etc...

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I don't know that it "failed to live up to the hype." They did raise $16 billion,after all. If anything, the fact that the stock didn't jump dramatically on the first day would seem to indicate that it was priced more or less appropriately for the market, and any future rise will depend on improvements the company makes in growth and in its bottom line.

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some14some is correct. All world markets have been going down for a while. And last week, the U.S. markets have had the worse week (every day a down day) since Thanksgiving. Bad timing, that is all. Besides, when comparing Facebooks' fundamentals to other stocks, they aren't so great. Sales aren't aren't rising quarter after quarter, and earnings aren't rising as well. Two things you generally see in stocks that go up. All the hype aside, anybody would be a fool to buy Facebook based on it's financial fundamentals.

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Because the hype was just that, hype. I think from Face-books perspective the price was just about right as noted by earlier posters. For people expecting to make a quick buck, it was likely a bit disappointing.

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It's because people don't know how much money it will make long term.

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Lots of tech stocks have failed to live up to the hype. I'm glad people have learned their lesson and are taking their approach to facebook cautiously, if you can call over $100 billion cautious.

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Maybe because people are beginning to realize that they don't actually "make" anything. Facebook is sort of like the U.S. dollar... No REAL value.

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I agree with Squidbert and cracaphat, well and truly overhyped. However there must have been a lot of people who swallowed the hype and thought they would make a quick killing.

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P/E ratio of over 100, IPO priced too rich , went public in a down market, and no " clear definitive " way to monetize the membership ( how many ofyou actually click on the ads ? )......the list goes on and on. May be better to buy at the LOW 20's if not the teens.

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because ur 80 year old barber knows about this stock. thats when u know its overhyped. retail investors always lose

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Organised theft-some people made a lot of money from this didn't they?

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The answer is in your question. HYPE.

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