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Why do you think there have been no known coronavirus clusters reported at pachinko parlors?


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Wasn't there a story about this 2 months ago here?

high ventilation airflow

machine wipe downs immediately after a customer leaves

single-person activity, not a social event
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The clouds of acrid smoke, bright lights and incessant noise kill the virus stone dead.

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It’s not a social activity. Players sit there like zombies, looking straight ahead and not engaging with anyone.

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No talking might help

I think some people might well have got it at one but they kept it quiet (or just didn't know, don't forget it's asymptomatic most of the time)

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Even the virus is scared to enter those cigarette smoke filled cess pits.

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Pachinko People would rather spend their money playing pachinko then getting a test which is expensive.

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I reckon that everyone who plays there and works there is invested in the place staying open, and so even if there are symptoms no one will say anything. Maybe.

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Because snitches get stitches

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A very strong business-customer relation...lol Neither the operators put their high profits at risk nor do the customers put at risk their daily dose of gambling.

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