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Why don't airfares advertised by airlines or travel agencies include the fuel surcharge in the total?


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marketing I guess.

Its also not only limited to airlines. It should be a law to include ALL surcharges including tax in the final price tag so the customer knows what they are getting into

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The airlines websites are a lot more transparent these days, So far this year, I've booked flights with ANA, SQ, Asiana and EVA and the price displayed on the screen initially is what I've paid. I stopped using Japanese travel agencies years ago as their advertising is bs and misleading. Hotel websites have some catching up to do AS do those silly websites like Expedia. Still can't get my head round why people use them. With careful planning you will always be able to do better by yourself.

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Maybe the fuel costs vary much or are more volatile as external costs the airlines have no influence on, in contrary to the other or let’s say own business related flight and service costs which are calculated in longer or more fixed time intervals internally and not or not so much preset by daily changing stock exchange or industry prices for oil and kerosene.

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Qatar Air just gives the total price.

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In some countries businesses are legally obliged to show the entire price a customer will pay. Anything else is just fraudulent.

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I fly JAL but I purchase in Australia. It show the total price and that what I pay . There might a charge in side the details but I only pay the total price.

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Every time I book tickets through ANA they clearly show all fees and taxes.

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With careful planning you will always be able to do better by yourself.

Not only that, but dealing direct with airlines more often than not gives you greater protections if things do hit the fan for whatever reason.

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