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Why has wearing masks during the coronavirus pandemic become a political issue in some countries?


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Because the compliant politicize everything these days. Personal freedom and rights was the first victim of the virus. Enjoy the collective new normal with the Karens out enforcing even the most minute edict.

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Because the sign

No shirt

No shoes

No Service

was too complicated. One more No... resulted in a political breakdown.

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Because there are many stupid people.

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Because people have become monsters.

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Because some people believe in alien abductions, the Loch Ness monster and the Illuminati. They see conspiracies around every corner and believe whatterver Dear Leader says.

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Because some people refuse to acknowledge that the right of others not to be exposed to their germs trumps their right to do whatever they please.

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Because in some countries every little thing is a political issue.

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with people highlighting personal freedom and human rights, people can easily attribute health protocols as political moves. But just remember to keep an open mind at all times. not everybody thinks like everybody

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not everybody thinks like everybody

Nobody thinks like everybody.

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Let them politicize it. The dummies who politicize it will die off and the opposing side's electorate will survive.

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Simple because certain countries have gone conspiracy crazy.

It have gotten so bad that even their entertainment has been infected.

TV shows start off nicely, a good police or crime show will without a doubt end up inserting a bug bad conspiracy.

Today if your shoelaces break in less than a year it is some big corporate conspiracy, if your candidate for dog catcher doesn't win, it is a conspiracy, your internet is down for more than 10 minutes again it is a conspiracy.

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Why do the Taliban and other authoritarian govts force women to cover their heads in public? Control, thats why. Some people do not desire to live a life dictated by others.

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Thank you for proving my point.

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Well first it was "Islamic face veils have no place in a modern, safe and free society" and then it was "cover your face lest we all die of plague."

And outside of Japan there was plenty of dubiousness about the effectiveness of masks outside of laboratory conditions in the hands of the uneducated public and that was fine. And then suddenly it wasn't fine at all and masks became the unassailable angel of perfect mercy that will save the world if not for a handful of deniers.

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And then suddenly it wasn't fine at all and masks became the unassailable angel of perfect mercy that will save the world if not for a handful of deniers.

Calm down! Some people think masks are useful, others are not so sure. In the interests of a bit of social harmony, we can put them on when out and about. It's not a big deal.

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