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Why is there so much hate posted on social media sites all over the world?


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Good question. It doesn't bode well for our common future, that's for sure. Maybe I contribute but I try to direct my hate at those in power who treat the rest like means to their insane but petty ends. I guess it is like shouting in the wind. Maybe it relieves temporarily my feeling of powerlessness. Maybe that is the same for everyone. Maybe it helps us spill our rage while emasculating any real threat to that power.

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People hiding behind their profiles.

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Because there are hateful people. You just didn’t know how many there are before the Internet and social media.

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On the other hand, it is the elicitation and kindling of anger that gets people to return to their news feed in social media more than anything else. Commercially, hate and anger pay.

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I don't know what the question is about. My Facebook feed is full of Calvin & Hobbes and other comic strips. I don't go looking for hate, and apparently, hate hasn't come looking for me. People should just keep their subscriptions to what they like. Problem solved.

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Is there any? No, it’s the most peaceful place , in front of a computer display. No one shouts, no one beats, no one hits, no one shoots, nothing. Only bits and bytes. You surely have any other severe and still undiagnosed psychological problems if you detect anything bad , like for example hate, when sitting in front of a display using SNS.

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I never see any 'hate' on social media. Other members of my family don't either. I guess people who post to the entire planet on contentious issues without locking down their feed may attract negative comments from people they don't know. Such stuff is easy to block. There is probably an agenda at play: 'People are upset so the government should take control of the internet' etc.

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A lot of people are just unhappy, no longer content and just plain miserable in life, and social media helps them put it out there (unfortunately). I bet that if social media didn't exist, people would be airing their woes physically and possibly, in a more destructive manner. I'm pretty sure most of the people here are just regular folk living regular lives, and I think daily life is just getting worse and our tatemae is slowly cracking.

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A very small percentage of society who are antisocial losers generally are hidden like cockroaches,

Ironic comment of the day.

People are often angry and the net allows them to vent. I think we would all be surprised if we knew what wicked thoughts even nice people can sometimes have. Social media just exposes it more. I suspect if most people were confronted with some of the worst things they have posted they would retreat.

I don't think this is a new thing. People have always been cauldrons of good and evil, with greed, envy, anger and fear bubbling just under the surface.

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Because hate has been monetised. There is a reason comments are always open on JT.

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There's a lot of hate in the world. Therefore...

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People are bored and bitter about their disappointing lot in life

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It's easier to project all their insecurities, prejudices, discrimination etc. when they can hide behind the safety of a screen.

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How much of the so-called "hate" being posted on social media is actually hate? How much of those posts are perfectly valid and were simply labeled as hate in order to attack or censor them.

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It's an open platform for anyone that has access to it and hiding behind a screen and a keyboard/keypad seems to be empowering to many of those that use social media. The world wasn't perfect 25 years ago, but it was better off without social media.

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Because of Alexandr Dugin and his worldwide movement of hate that uses a chaos symbol and seeks to divide and destabilize societies in order to make them easier to pick off by an authoritarian strongman who will then oppress them and bring them into Putin's fold.

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anonymity allows for people to say and do things they wouldn't if their identities were known

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The constant bombardment and discussion of sensitive topics like religion, politics, sex, money, and private matters in the news, social media, public, etc. has completely changed society by creating lots of division and discourse. Before, people would just mind their own business and stay in their own lane and everyone could coexist better. Nowadays, everyone feels the need to force opponents to comply with their ideology, morals, values, and belief system. I live in the US and it is particularly bad here.

In my opinion, it is ok for people to have different morals and values. There are too many different influences on people like religions, cultures, etc. To make everyone comply to one standard is not good and realistic. I think everyone should just stay in their own lane, do their own thing, and mind their own business.

Before, as the old saying goes, it is best to avoid discussing religion, politics, sex, money, and private matters publicly as it may be impolite to do so, causing discomfort and embarrassment to other people. They are very sensitive topics for much controversy and discourse.

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In addition to the above points (which I think are very valid), I have an addition that's maybe a little outside-the box:

A lot of it boils down to people who just aren't good at written communication. I know plenty of very nice people who just aren't good writers. On top of that, social media tends to reward (or require) short, concise posts, which are harder to construct and inadequate for nuanced explanations.

Combine those two things, and I think you end up with decent people whose comments come across poorly, poorly thought-out, poorly-worded, poorly-explained, poorly-constructed. And that type of comment can end up sounding abrasive, and then other people respond with their own abrasive comments, and things devolve from there.

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Wing- that's an excellent point! Very Original!

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"I like apples a lot."

Normal face-to-face response back in the day: "Oh, me too."

Social-media response: "So you're saying you hate oranges?!?!? What a bad take!"

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Social media is a cancer that should never have existed, or at least not in its current form.

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But also to add, nowadays, there are lots of heated issues (government policies, religion, social issues, etc.) that have become more public due to the internet and social media. The heated issues do affect people and people are making their opinions heard, but it has cause way more division and discourse. Perhaps this is Rome falling of modern society. I don't see the division and discourse improving much.

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