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With all the bad news in the world, whether it is the war in Ukraine, coronavirus, climate change , economic problems or political divisions, do you sometimes get tired of the news and just "switch it off?"


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On my days off I never watch the news and I never get on JT to post.

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Always, I limit my exposure to news and just read those that spark my interest or those that will have an immediate and certain effect on me. Same with Aly, I don't access any news when I'm not at work.

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Yes, of course. Personal health is much more important than the wellbeing of all those crazy propaganda warriors in politics and media.

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Yes. And when I switch to music instead of listening to inane news in the background, my mood is instantly uplifted.

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More and more so every week. Don't bother watching TV news much anymore, and finding more creative pursuits such as re-learning how to play the guitar badly.

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The world now is no worse than the world we had in the past, and vice versa. It's just that, we have more opportunities to magnify bad news through main stream and social media. Imagine if social media was already there during the Bubonic plague! It would have been the end of human race.

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Employers of our posters must be happy to learn they only read JT and post during work hours !

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Nope. It's better to be depressed about news events and to learn to cope with/put it into its proper perspective than it is to allow oneself to become ignorant of facts and events. Much as you try, you just can't have all yin with no yang; can't have all good and no bad. That's fantasy, not reality.

If fact, I'd submit that it's exactly this willful choice to be ignorant that makes a lot of the bad news begin in the first place!

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I limit my exposure by not listening to news pods, and watching serious news programs - morning news shows here are mostly variety shows with weather news, so they don't upset me much.

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That's what memes are for...

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Not reading comments on JT is also a good idea.

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“ With all the bad news in the world, whether it is the war in Ukraine, coronavirus, climate change , economic problems or political divisions, do you sometimes get tired of the news and just "switch it off?" “

Well, I like to keep myself informed and I wanna know what is going on in the world. Since I’m not a psychopath, I can get tired, yes, but I do not “ switch it off “; the way I think about it is this: my happiness and my mental health revolve around the safety and well-being of my family and friends, being able to get home, say tadaima, make sure my family had a good day, eat my wife’s amazing food and relax and rest in my couch, being grateful for what we have: health, a home, exciting plans for the next weekend. I’m not gonna let the “outside world “ take that away from me. So I’m gonna keep watching/checking the news, something I’ve been doing since I was a kid.

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Yes. I no longer watch TV news or read daily newspapers. It's too depressing. Short text articles are better. Japantoday allows me to avoid most UK news, which helps, as everything here is pretty hideous now.

@Seigi. quote: The world now is no worse than the world we had in the past.

I beg to differ. Almost every aspect of life in the UK was far better pre-Brexit/Covid/Ukraine than now, from simple things like shopping and customer service, to inflation, cross-border restrictions and holiday disruption. I've never seen such a decline in the quality of peoples' lives as in the last five years.

I dread to think of the impact of the news we get now upon any kids watching it every day. They are better off playing video games.

If it helps you all, here is some good news. Cheap plastic that kills Covid. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-62797775

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Literally switch off? Not really. it's just that news cycle isn't 24/7, there's no material need to know it this second, here, right now.

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It depends on attitude. There heaps of good news. Like people recognising of weird human desire for gender and binary recognition. And their great new on equal pay for women. Now man can have a sex change to a females and not fear a pay decrease. All good news that drown out the white noise of depressing new s.

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What bothers me with the news is the spin. It's important to learn what is happening around us, but what we get is mainly agenda-driving narratives that are often diametrically opposed to the truth.

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My partner and I have a total digital detox at the weekends.

When Abe was assassinated we knew about it, but chose not to mention it, and focus on each other instead. Anything less is utterly pointless and ruins our time together.

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