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With hay fever season coming, people with pollen allergies are afraid that when they sneeze, others around them will think they have coronavirus. What advice would you give them to allay their fears?


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Tons of people are coughing and sneezing like normal on my Tokyo train, so I don't understand the concern. So my advice is put your hand in front of your nose and mouth, turn away from people and toward the ground and then muffle your sneeze or cough. I do this every time when in public like on trains.

Unfortunately no one else does from what I've seen. It's called consideration, and it ain't rocket science.

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Actually, it is much better to cough or sneeze into your elbow than your hand,

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Saw a few people last hay fever season who were wearing large pins stating that they has asthma, and that was the reason for their coughing fit.

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People need to grow up and stop being concerned about what people they do not know and will never see again think about them.

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stay home.

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What fear? It’s the best way to generate physical (‘social’) distance for oneself. We people without hay fever don’t have that advantage and have to stand all those virus spreaders around us all the time, who are not caring about distancing at all.

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Is sneezing actually a symptom of covid-19?

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Wear a mask.

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Don't sneeze!

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Tell people your + for the Virus.

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Is sneezing actually a symptom of covid-19?

Nope, it's not.

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I would be more concerned about a shallow coughing then a sneeze which isn't a symptom of covid.

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A dry cough is associated with corona.

Sneezing into your hands? What could be worse than that? oh, sneezing into your mask.

i’ve even heard of advice to sneeze down.

Why has sneezing into your long sleeve shirt never caught on in Japan?

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