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With so much media coverage of the coronavirus and medical professionals and governments sometimes giving conflicting advice, how are you deciding what to do in order to get through this crisis?


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The problem doesn't only exist with coronavirus. The media and government are operating on their own agendas. Much of what we are presented with is false, incomplete, misleading or misguided. So, with the conflicting data on coronavirus, you do what you do anyway, you observe, figure it out based on what you know for sure and make your decisions accordingly.

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The problem is....I decided to avoid gatherings of people....My company decided to have a 'compulsory' non essential meeting in a crowded office in one of the busiest hubs of Tokyo.

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By thinking for myself like an adult, using my high-school biology knowledge.

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By ignoring the panickers, ignoring those who say it’s just like the cold, staying calm but concerned and ignoring any posts here with lots of exclamation marks and block capitals.

Working at home this week is a good thing.

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International agencies such as the WHO are probably the most unbiased and reliable news you can find. You can read some tips from experts here and there but be aware that people might be paying them to say what they want to say.

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I wish I could take time off like the children at my school. Unfortunately, teachers lives apparently don't matter as much in Japan.

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My objective health condition is better than the last few years due to fewer commuters and the milder weather. I am not in the high risk for coronavirus so I am taking normal precautions that I do the same as the flu.

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As Bertie and others above have said. Staying home, doing weight training, repairing things, gathering information (by reading internet), going for walks, etc.; most of my activity meetings have been cancelled anyway.

Wearing a mask right now in a doctor’s waiting room, where I have used their alcohol hand gel.

If and when I catch this thing then I’ll try and ride it out.

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By ignoring the media.

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By listening to those who got the facts.

Those government agencies' announcements don't provide enough information.

Elsewise, same here, trying to stay healthy by using common sense.

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what bertie said!

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With common sense.

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I absolutely don't touch my eyes, ears, mouth, or nose.

I wash my hands a lot and don't stand too close to people.

I've been able to avoid the flu the past few years this way and pretty confident I'll be able to avoid this virus (hopefully).

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We have kept obaachan and ojiichan indoors and cancelled their community center days and they can look after the kids while we are at work.

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This is sensible advice;

Ignore Japanese media, especially those who ask celebrities for advice.

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Buy in a large supply of gin, close the curtains and hide under the bed clothes!

Alternatively just go about my normal life with a few sensible precautions (but keep the Gin!).

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Donald Trump publicly spars with nation's top coronavirus expert Dr Tony Fauci as he demands vaccine in a 'couple of months' - and epidemic chief tells him: 'Like I told you, a year.'

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@englisc, overpriced flavoured ethanol? No, get something that is worth the money: Single Malts, or a blended whiskey. That’ll see you through the thick and thin of this “panic”.

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The Japanese are largely responsible for the confusion from misinformation. The government and other institutions here insist on masks, despite lack of evidence of their effectiveness for healthy people. As a rep from the US CDC said in a tacit dig against Japan, "Well, our public policy guidelines are evidence-based."

Japan's ministry of health has also promoted other non-scientific approaches such as gargling to prevent colds, while other institutions have dismissed the scientifically proven dangers of second-hand smoke.

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