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As the long-delayed James Bond film "No Time to Die" debuts in cinemas worldwide, here are some questions for 007 fans. Which actor is your favorite James Bond? Best Bond villain? Best henchman/woman for a Bond villain? Best Bond title song and last but not least, the best Bond film?


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Timothy Dalton.

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David Niven.

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Worst Bond: Pierce Brosnan.

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When Daniel Craig was first announced as a Bond I thought what?....but he turned out to be one of the best...him and Sean Connery share the crown imo.

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As the long-delayed James Bond film "No Time to Die" debuts in cinemas worldwide, here are some questions for 007 fans. Which actor is your favorite James Bond? Best Bond villain? Best henchman/woman for a Bond villain? Best Bond title song and last but not least, the best Bond film?

The bond movies and actors are overrated IMO, but to each his one. Still, best bond song is by Paul. And Jaws was cool, especially in the The Longest Yard too.

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Always liked Roger Moore, though Craig is also good. Of course, Connery, too. I guess the only one I truly didn't like was Lazerby.

Anyway, this film was delayed so long and so many times that I had a hard time remembering the last one (or had seen so many ads for this one I thought I had already seen it at a couple of points). I kept thinking Rami Malek was the villain in the last one.

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You only live twice. Set in Japan.

Bond meets Tanaka, head of the secret police in Japan.

Tanaka tells him

Men always come first

Never do anything you can get someone to do for you.

Bond says

I might just have to retire here.

Best bond movie with the best bond. Daniel Craig a close second with casino royale.

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Kind of art??? Isn't all cinema art??? What is cinema is not art?

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Matej: "just kind of it...pure .s good for kids"

That doesn't even make sense.

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I have a nine year old son...bond definitely isn't suitable for him...

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Roger Moore was awful as Bond. The man had no athleticism at all. All the stunts and action scenes were embarrassing. Best Bond....Sean Connery, next Daniel Craig and third...George Lazenby.

Best villain.. Dr No

Best henchman.... Odd Job

Best female .... Pussy Galore

Best song... Goldfinger

Best film... Goldfinger

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Roger Moore was awful as Bond. The man had no athleticism at all. All the stunts and action scenes were embarrassing.

Moore was the best. Bond is a bit of panto - saving the world, copping off and one-liners. Bollocks to all the dark, brooding nonsense. The ‘So does England’ line when he walks out the door in a garish ski suit is what it’s all about.

Nobody did it better.

Live and Let Die for the best tune.

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Mr Kipling 06:19 pm JST

Roger Moore was awful as Bond. The man had no athleticism at all. All the stunts and action scenes were embarrassing.

He was completely flatfooted and needed a stunt double just for his legs - you never saw him running in full shot. Looked great in a tuxedo though, and was clearly having a great time.

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Let's see. Best Bond actor: Sean Connery. Best Bond villain: A tie between Goldfinger and Blofeld (as played by Donald Pleasance). Best henchman: Oddjob. Best title song: Live and Let Die; Best Bond film: Goldfinger.

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I’m leaning towards Craig as the best Bond. I haven’t seen the latest one yet, but I’ve enjoyed all of his movies so far as Bond (and reviews suggest this one is good too). The only other actor to play Bond who has been in nothing but good movies is George Lazenby, and he was only in one movie.

Connery was good and would be my second pick, but Diamonds are Forever was a misfire. Timothy Dalton was pretty good in both his outings and would be tied with Lazenby as my number 3. Moore was just too old for the part in most of his movies, and while I liked Goldeneye I found the rest of Brosnan’s movies to be pretty forgettable.

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Come to think of it, one of the most impressive things about Craig is that he is now about the same age Moore was towards the end of his tenure. While Craig does look his age, he also looks pretty fit and still capable. Moore in contrast looked like an elderly retiree shopping at a suburban Wal Mart in upstate New York in A View to a Kill.

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Henry Cavill will now definitely bring both the necessary physicality and suave demeanor inherent to the character of James Bond. Daniel Craig depicted both of these aspects of the character quite well as a pre-2016 Bond. Yet, seems Sean Connery will always be “The Original, James Bond” immortalized from when he first lit a cigarette & introduced himself with his unmistakable James Bond strumming in the background.

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… James Bond theme strumming ….

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Also, the opening title ‘fight scenes’ and song of Craig’s Casino Royale stand out. Hoping the upcoming movies will bring back the tastefully-done, “nude” gymnastics that fueled many a young man’s aspirations to live the life of Bond.

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Like most here, Sean Connery and Daniel Craig.

Sean Connery's bond was probably closest to the original image of the books set in a post-war world, but Craig bought it into the modern era. Moore and Brosnan's Bonds were just too theatrical.

For the sake of trivia, a shoutout to the forgotten Bond - Bob Holness, who those of a certain age might remember from Blockbusters.

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Ah _so

No....Sean Connery was initially hated by Ian Fleming who saw David Niven as the quintessential bond type. It wasnt until Dr no came out that Fleming was impressed and then actually started to write bond's Scottish ancestry into the storyline.

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It's a tie between Sean Connery and Daniel Craig for best Bond for me.

I loved Adele's Skyfall for title song. It sent shivers down my spine the first time I heard it. That combined with the opening credits for this Bond movie was just chef's kiss.

For the best Bond villain, well Blofeld is just iconic. I also like Le Chiffre but mostly because Mads Mikkelsen played the character so darn well.

Lastly, for best Bond film...can't really choose. There are some great gems in this franchise.

I will miss Daniel Craig as Bond. Best of luck to whoever they get to replace him.

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Born in 1970 I pretty much grew up through all the Bonds.

Connery was in TV runs and re-runs as well as summer re-runs in theater. Back in the time where the concept of summer blockbusters did not exist did theaters re-run the box-office smashers from the earlier years which allowed me to discover all the Connery-movies on the big screen.

Connery was the 60s ruff and tuff rugged adventurer-type Bond from the 60s. Thinking about it, I'm surprised he didn't have a 3-days beard and wasn't smoking a cigar all the time while travelling to countries you wouldn't even have heard of. He remains the prototype Bond, the first Bond I knew and one of the best, possibly the best. I would characterize his Bond as a beast / gorilla in a tuxedo! You don't mess with him. lol

The 70s were a different beast: cynical, amoral maybe. Watergate, the Vietnam wars, etc. Moore was the best choice for a more tongue-in-cheek Bond fighting increasingly surreal opponents using funky gizmos, one-liners and double entendre. Moore as well remains one of my favorite Bonds together with Connery. His Bond was more of a joker, you would never know whether he was serious about killing you or not. So, you prefer to not cross him either. lol

The 80s were the anything-go years with the pendulum swinging back, hence Bond became calmer, monogamous with Timothy Dalton. I loved Dalton back then but for some reason, when watching the 2 movies again much later, somehow and despite the acting, plot and character I found it increasingly difficult to see him as "Bond". I think Dalton put too much humanity in the character somehow. Bond has to remain a larger-than-life character to work.

90s Pierce Brosnan, well, simply didn't work for me. Action blockbusters like Die Hard were all over the place and his Bond movies were just staple action-flicks. You could call his character McClane that fundamentally nothing changes or is amiss. Bond was lost in common action-fare and didn't stick out anymore.

Then came Craig and put Bond again on the map. Not a fantasized adventurer, not a cynical dandy, not a humanist or super-human hero anymore, but a well-trained soldier acting as a key cog in a machine he may not completely grasp, doing what he "has to do" while sometimes questioning his actions and himself in the process. Again, one of my fave Bonds and take on the character.

The other Bonds:

Lazenby's Bond was stiff and frankly boring. Catching his movie in a summer re-run in a theater during the Moore years, I didn't "get it". In retrospect, the movie and the character were interesting and a well-thought take on Bond, but the actor was a miscast.

Niven's bond threw me completely off-track. The fact that I discovered this movie while watching the Get Smart series on TV didn't exactly help....

I won't be speculating on who will be the next Bond (there are better things to do in life) but I'll be looking forward. It's like meeting again an old friend after a few years and see how he changed (generally for good as far as I'm concerned).

We'll meet again, somewhere sometime, Mr. Bond. We always do, don't we?

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A question for the JT editor. Much focus on Daniel Craig, James Bond, villains, henchmen/women, songs and overall, specific Bond films. (5-6 articles in 3 weeks) Will equal space be given to Bond’s “women”, specifically, the “Bond Girls”. (Not all were hench-persons[?], villianesses, etc. Some, he just encountered, worked with, loved or ‘passed in the night’?)

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No contest.......

Pussy Galore I must be dreaming


Before my time....

No disrespect, Daniel Wroughton Craig.

I want to be shaken not stirred, not caught up in a whirlwind of wokery.

I want Goldfinger, Dr NO, not Thunderwoke

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