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Would you move into an apartment or house where the rent had been lowered because a bloody murder or suicide had occurred there? Would living in such a place freak you out?


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No way, it would be horrible doing so, I couldn't live that place with mentally healthy.

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Of course - do you really think none of the houses you've ever lived in have never had anything terrible happen in them. The only ghosts are those of the imagination

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I could live in a house like this, but my wife wouldn't.

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If the rent was substantially reduced and if there's nothing bad about the area, then yes.

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Considering the course of human history, it is probably likely that at some point most people have lived or stayed in a place where a murder has taken place, It may have been hundreds or thousands of years ago but the likelihood is very high. Wherever there are concentrations of human beings the possibility of murder always exists.

So for the most part it wouldn't have any bearing on my decision to live there. But that said, if a whole family had been savagely butchered there a a few years ago I might give it a miss.

So I suppose things like the nature of the murder, how long ago it took place and so forth would have a bearing on any decision.

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Wouldn't really bother me. Why on earth do people still live in Hiroshima City, for example?

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Sure, if I loved the place and the area.

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Sure if it's Amityville.

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That depends if the ghosts are good room mates or not.

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I found the house of my dreams once, but it bordered on a cemetery and my wife nixed it. "You'll never have to complain about noise from the neighbors!" I told her, to no avail. I think in the Japanese scheme of things, if a place has a bad aura you can summon a shinto priest to perform an exorcism.

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I have just one thing to say - "Ringu".

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Why not? If the place was renovated, I don't see a problem living in a place like that. I'm not a superticious person.

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Sure, I have done before and would do again. The prices are cheap and I don't believe in any of that mumbo-jumbo stuff.

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Ghosts don't bother me, I've lived for 3 decades, never seen one, either they're very good at concealing themselves, or they don't exist. Now, the people affected who are still alive, they would be bothersome though, coming in to "talk" to the victim's spirit, thinking they're still there or something, or if they believe in some cult that killing the current residents would give the victim's spirit some closure, etc.

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I looked into it once while searching for an apartment, and the realtor did everything - everything - in his power to talk me out of moving into the apartment (the previous tennant had committed suicide). In the end, what disuaded me was the fact that I would have had to pay for the full cleanup/renewal of the place myself, the landlord refused to pay for it. I guess he/she figured the place was a lost cause and had written it off.

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I'd take a pass. We are talking about a murder within the existing house, not a murder on the land or nearby. (Any country with a long history is going to have plenty of sites where blood was shed.) I'd pass on a house that was the site of some especially dark event. And I'm not generally superstitious, nor do I believe in ghosts.

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If the rent is lower, then why not? Sounds like a good deal to me, even if I have a supernatural roommate.

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I don't believe in ghosts or negative energy so it wouldn't bother me in the long run. Initially I would no doubt have nightmares as I imagine all sorts of things... but that's all they are, nightmares.

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Just remember, the truth will set you free. If you learn that there is no such things as ghost, then that should not be a worry. We used to play hide and seek at night time in an abandoned cemetery in the middle of my town, when we were in our pre-teen years. I would hide right inside the crypts and never thought of any ghosts. I would be scared to live in a neighborhood full of bigots though. For the dead are conscious of nothing at all. Are there evils spirits out there? You bet! And their are the ones deceiving the people into believing they are the spirits of relatives, friends, and family. How do they know about your past? Because they have lived for thousands of years and they roam around and have their own network system. I have been with people who supposedly saw ghosts while were walked by the Aoyama cemetery in Tokyo. When I asked why the hurry, my friend told me that he saw a ghost. Well, I did not see it and will not because I do not believe in them. So definitely they will look for somebody with a weak belief system.

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If the place is in Tokyo, there's a good chance someone was burned to death in that very spot in March 1945 during the firebombing.

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Sometimes I wonder if these superstitions are fed by the construction industry looking to profit when prefectly usable housing is destroyed and then rebuilt in situations like this.

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I'd pass I would let the deceased wander in peace so that I can live in peace!

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