'I don't know where to start,' says one man as clean-up begins

By Hiroshi Hiyama

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The rain lasted only a couple of days, but clean-up will be months.

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No, heavy rains started late Wednesday night and lasted till Saturday night, that's four days of non stop very heavy rain.

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I feel sorry for this, despite japanese people being earth friendly and modest of all times, tragedy like this do not spare even the good people.

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I'm starting to wonder where it would be safe to live? Far from mountains and rivers?

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@Wiskal Does it really?....

Anyway, Osaka was, thankfully, largely unscathed, but the surrounding areas took a battering. Felt a bit guilty being able to go out for dinner last night without an umbrella.

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Weather in japan can be very variable. I went on a day trip and did walking and kayaking in lake Biwako two days ago. Yesterday I went for a day trip in Kyoto. The day before the Kamogawa river had flooded so much a local man showed me the water level, obvious by the mud on the promenade.

this is why I always have emergency kits in house, car and job.

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'I don't know where to start,'

I'd start by looking at why the infrastructure failed so miserably.

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