'World's smallest baby boy' set to go home in Japan


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Any chance Japan will be applying for UNESCO world heritage status for the boy? Hope he has a happy and healthy life.

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The world's smallest baby boy, who was born in October in Japan weighing as much as an apple, is now ready for the outside world, his doctor said Friday.

Great how little scraps of life cling on and prosper. Congratulations to the medical staff, too, without whom the baby obviously would not have survived.

Good luck to Ryusuke and his parents. Size of an apple? They should nickname him Ringo.

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Great job hospital staff and good luck little one.

small people should not have to pay 10% consumer tax as they don’t consume the same as big people.

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Wish him a long life.

Still, they totally elude to tell about the consequences of being born that prematurely, making you think in a near future, women won't be necessary.

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Medical world can be amazing. Hopefully he doesn't have any issues.

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Firstly I would like to congratulate all of the hard working staff at the hospital and especially good heath to the Childs and his family. The other thing that I thought of who picks up the medical bill for this? would it have been picked up by the health system or the insurance company? to have a baby in intensive or specialist care for weeks is not going to be cheap, to the parents this child is priceless and worth every yen.

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Did Guinness supply the birth certificate?

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