'Superfan' of Japan's royals has followed them for decades

By Elaine Lies and Kwiyeon Ha

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Superfan? More like having too much time on her hands, but can afford to.Lucky her.

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The star of this article is the little grey cat.

Seriously though, what's the line between such a 'superfan' and a 'stalker'?

Shirataki's passion for okkake, as the pursuit is known in Japan..

Are AKB48 fanatics called okkake if they follow and take photos of the young women performers. (oh yeah, they can't, because that's considered creepy..)

Though she's cagey about how much her hobby costs, she spends at least 50,000 yen annually just on photos.

"When my husband was still alive and earning, I'd spend five or six days a week at this, but now I have to work," she said.

The photo in the Buddhist altar for her husband, who died two years ago, is smaller than a picture of Masako displayed nearby.

Sad. Imagine if the article were about an old man, his hobby, and whose dead wife had been the bread-winner. Readers would most likely think he was a heartless, selfish creep.

"...but now I have to work," she said."

oh, boo hoo

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How is it all that different from a lot of other social activities? Some older people play gateball, she has an activity that requires physical movement AND she has friends she sees regularly; using the camera uses her brain and it's also a bit creative. As for the possible stalker-y aspects of it, stars (who are also followed by okkake) and, dare I say, even the imperial family rely on this sort of admiration/trust/whatever as part of the deal. You can't be revered if you aren't seen. It's symbiotic.

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Good! She's achieved what he wanted and continues to do so. Probably her collection could be valuable especially to a collector.

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Headline should read "How to waste you life and money on a useless endeavor"

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Headline should read "How to waste you life and money on a useless endeavor"

doing what you enjoy is never a waste of life or money specially if it helps to keep you fit too. Because you don't like an activity does not mean everyone should.

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Stalkers/mania folks have a new word 'super fan'

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As harmless a hobby as you can get, it provides her with physical and mental activity as well as social interaction with her friends. Not my idea of fun but good for her.

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Headline should read "How to waste you life and money on a useless endeavor"

Not at all in my book. It keeps her fit, gives her some purpose.

I don't really see it different than photographers who go birding or similar and spend all kinds of money to get the latest and most sophisticated photographic gear.

Too many people's only photographic hobby these days seems to be taking selfies.

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