1 dead, 3 injured in 2 blasts in Tochigi park


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Looks like a deliberate blast to me. Local terrorist perhaps?

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I wonder if it was a gaijin terrorist or a domestic one. anybody care to speculate!?

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I wounder what solution will be offered. Problem - reaction - solution.

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I wonder if it was a gaijin terrorist or a domestic one. anybody care to speculate!?

You already did.

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They are saying there was a festival celebrating local culture going on nearby. Hand held fireworks gone wrong maybe?

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Perhaps a disgruntled,or yak related, left out , native, watching his brethren enjoying all those wonderful J- oriented festival benefits

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One witness in an NHK video said it was an incomparably enormous explosion being so different from a blast of a gas cylinder. Let's wait for the results of the police investigation.

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Let's wait for the results of the police investigation.

No, no. Let's speculate wildly.

Perhaps Aum Shinrikyo are back on the rampage.

Or maybe it's someone acting in the name of IS.

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Okay so it is clear that no ISIS behind it !!!

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I think it was aliens.

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Or a Samsung phone.

...a gas bottle delivery driver using a Note 7? ...or perhaps an elderly man who was tired of life and wanted to go out with a... umm, well, wanted to make a departing statement. It certainly seems the 72 year old was probably behind it, with the house fire and all, though the 2nd blast is more than a bit odd...

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The thing about reading Japan Today is that any news in Japan is local news. I live in San Francisco, and read this news every day. By the way, anyone ever read Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent? Reading this story reminds me of it. An incredible book.

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They are saying there was a festival celebrating local culture going on nearby. Hand held fireworks gone wrong maybe?

Two explosions simultaneously 200m apart? I think that is a bit beyond the power of a sparkler.

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Sounds like a case of mental problems getting the usual treatment.....ignore them until the problem person offs themselves.

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It could be as simple as connecting the dots based on the information in this news article but as is in life, most things aren't always so clear cut. Let's leave it to the professionals to sort out the details and finish the investigation.

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The explosions were caused by typical, old, Japanese nutter who was upset by noise, his meagre pension or some other trivial matter.

The government's response will be to increase surveillance of non-Japanese and muslims. It doesn't make any sense but that's what they will do.

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It was most likely a GAIJIN. Terroist with a Samsung galaxy 7 phone trying to take a selfie!

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Turns out this 72 year old guy torched his house, then his car, then himself..............

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And here I was thinking that the SDF wasn't an offensive force! This chap certainly showed that it's members also know how to produce whooping explosions.........

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The un ited States broadcasted:

"what is believed to be a suicide note in one of the burned cars.

The vehicle was owned by a 72-year-old former member of the Self-Defence Forces, whose house in Utsunomiya had been destroyed in a fire shortly before the explosions hit, it said.

Explosions of this kind are rare in Japan, although small pipe bombs blasts linked to extreme leftists occasionally hit near US military bases.

In November last year, a homemade pipe bomb exploded at a controversial Tokyo Yasukuni war shrine , damaging the toilets at the facility but no one was hurt.

A South Korean man was later arrested and sentenced to four years in prison after admitting to detonating the bomb at the Yasukuni shrine, which has been targeted by activists who see it as a symbol of Japan's militaristic past.


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A while ago, I came across a car on fire in a park, with the local fire trucks in attendance. My reaction was "ISIS style car bomber", but the firemen seemed more concerned with stopping anyone seeing the car rather than putting out the fire. I didn't understand then, but later I realised that "suicide by burned out car" is probably more common in Japan than anyone admits.

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Weird how we almost feel thankful that it was just a regular nutcase as opposed to a major nutcase.

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LOL, I can't believe some people are speculating where this man is from (foreigner or local). It's like they didn't read the article. But anyways, gullibility and speculation is what Abe can use to justify his "anti-terror" policies for foreigners, even when most acts of terror in Japan has been from within.

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If you are going to blow yourself up, why put the suicide note in your pocket

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I feel very sad for the serious injury to others, damage to property and enormous waste of public money as a result of this heinous criminal act. It reminds me of another suicidal man who set light to himself on a shinkansen a year or so ago killing an innocent passenger and injuring others. Both stupid and unforgivable crimes. The perpetrator was right about one thing, the world is far better off without him.

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This is most likely a domestic incident, and nowhere do I read any Japanese official recklessly blaming foreign terrorists for it (unlike other countries). They are exploring the SDF angle that this is probably related to that.

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As for those that will nitpick if that's the case why didn't they catch this one before the act, that's life. No matter how advanced or thorough your programs and methods, no government will catch or prevent 100% all acts of domestic or foreign terrorism. That's life, whether Japan or any other nation. I shouldnt even have to point this out, it's basic common sense. You can't hope to monitor what every single person is thinking of at any moment, that's impossible.

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One of CNN had a news this morning. It got from Japan as a suicide of SDF veteran and existence ooh a note. I think it is rare of suicide in USA that CNN reported. Usually no news about Japan for months.

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The media outlets in Japan seem to have gotten the hush order on this

What hush order? It was all over the news yesterday.

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Even this is a news of Japan CNN reported before Trump story and Cubs won NL CS news of yesterday. RIP

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@Burning Bush sorry JT he is right. You are right on here sir, my wife and her mom did not hear anything about this until I saw on CNN and told them, any other country this would have been all over the news. but typical J style 3 min clip 20 hours later.

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Haiyai, Nonsense. Perhaps your family wasn't watching the news. This case has been all over the news here in Japan since it happened.

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