1 dead, 3 missing after 2 cargo ships collide off Chiba Pref


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For those lost at sea.....

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The captain in the wheelhouse is responsible for navigating the ship, not the crew. I think captains are required to be tested every five years to have their license renewed.

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Just to clarify a few points raised here in the comments section.

Both vessels were 499 tons. This is a class of small coastal which is vessel very common in Japan.

They are of Japanese registry and fall under Japanese marine regulations and inspection.

Think of it as a Keijidosha of the sea.

They are maned by as few as three crew. Skipper. engineer and deck crew.

The article mentions 4 crew in each vessel.

They undertake short coastal passages. Usually with load grade cargoes (gravel, cement, etc)

The crew might be older, but have many years of experience on these vessels and the routes and ports that they ply.

There are many anti-collision systems available but a lack of attentive crew is usually the cause of a collision like this ( and the US nave vessels two years ago).

The collision took place at 2:10 am, so I would assume that both skippers (or helmsmen) were out of the bridge for a leak or a coffee at the time of the collision. I heard of this type of incident in the North Sea.

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The sea can be a cruel and unforgiving master.

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i can't imagine the intensity of such a collision.

Hopes and Prayers.

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Sorry but my brother is a ship's navigator and he also sells automatic steerage and navigation systems for ships and boats and this sort of accident simply should not be happening in this day and age. Low visibility? RADAR! Heard of it? Serious negligence involved in this incident.

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The time of the collision would appear to be a relevant factor...

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All the thoughtful comments about the Crew....even on Memorial Day.

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I find it telling that all the ages of the people listed in the article are over 60. I’m assuming this is another one of those lines of work where there is a labor shortage. If this were an international flagged ship, I would assume the sailors would mostly be Southeast Asian.

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Still alive? Divers have heard metallic clanging sounds from inside the hull!

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While I have the utmost sympathy for those who have lost loved ones in this incident, on a properly equipped ship with attentive crew this simply should never have happened.

One has to wonder if the age of the crew was a contributing factor?

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Probably a lot of people wishing they had insured their shipment.

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